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The Simplest Thing Most Writers Are Too Scared To Do

A lot of freelance writers have asked me how I get assignments. The answer is simple, but it’s admittedly scary: Just ask.

As a writer, we fall in love with our words. 415 more words


Getting Some Clarity - Round Two of Logo Design

Ok, so the client liked the first round BUT requested using succulents rather than flowering blooms and definitely did not want to use any roses. They also requested to use the font Papyrus – which I strongly advised against… AND they changed the name. 17 more words


New Logo Project - Beginning Sketches

The client and I had our first meeting and I got the general direction of where she wanted to go. Here are the first group of sketches I submitted today. 60 more words


Stars pay tribute to late Hollywood legend James Garner

Tributes poured in yesterday for Hollywood legend James Garner, who has died aged 86.

The Maverick and The Rockford Files star had suffered ill health following a severe stroke in 2008. 292 more words


Israel invades Gaza to strike blow at Hamas

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip last night. 


Lloyd Webber: Pain almost drove me to Dignitas death

Millionaire composer Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed last night that he took steps to join Dignitas to end his own life last summer.

Lord Lloyd Webber, 66, said he struggled so much with pain after 14 back and leg operations that he could not see another way out. 


Two Lives Collide, and End, at an Elvis Shrine

Originally published in the New York Times on Jul 18 2014

By Campbell Robertson

I personally assisted Mr. Robertson in writing this story by conducting interviews with various family members and acquaintances of the late Mr. 1,302 more words

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