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Writers: Do You Believe In Your Talent?

You’re a writer.  You’ve worked hard.  You’ve read the “How to Write” books, the “How to Get Published” books, and everything in between.  You’ve sacrificed your time and energy, toiling away for hundreds, even thousands of hours on a story, book or project, until its prose is soaked like a sponge with your own blood, sweat and tears. 380 more words


Spring Days

Today was so great, it wouldn’t have been a waste to not film. So I went out and filmed some nature shots. Camera work bad? More like terrible but I think it was worth it to get familiar with Premiere Pro. 24 more words

Freelance Work

5 Tips for Freelance Job Seekers

I often receive email from people looking for proofreading or editing work. I’m usually a one-woman operation, but when I get busy or when a project requires expertise that I don’t have (fluency in French, for example) then I’ll bring on other individuals to help. 350 more words


Forced Labor

Yay me! I just finished a big project (or at least the first phase of it) for which I will be paid actual money!

I am very fortunate/grateful that I am able to do freelance work at home, on my own schedule (mostly), using my education and skills, in my pajamas. 612 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Writing: A life-long Love Affair With Writing about Fish

This is the Spring issue of the Drake Magazine, a fabulous fly-fishing publication that combines both words and images to capture the beauty of the sport and the reason we’re on the water as well as anyone in this small but vibrant industry. 602 more words


Freelancer pay jumps, in search for quality work

A growing number of managers have come to the conclusion that paying more pays off — especially for larger and more complex projects.

FORTUNE — For years, companies looking to outsource labor have opted for the lowest bidders, seeking freelancers and independent contractors in India, Vietnam, and other low-wage countries via matchmaker websites and local recruiters. 766 more words


Treehouse Issue 2

The next issue of Treehouse comic is upon us! We had a great launch night a couple of weeks ago and it was great to see so many of Dundee’s comic loving crowd there. 125 more words

Freelance Work