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For years I have dabbled about with fellow writers. I spent years in college among fellow fiction-writer hopefuls. I’ve been to a few writer’s workshops and I have had my share partaking in a writer’s group or two.  567 more words

Content Creation: When Are You Ready to Fly Solo?

Have you ever woken up and hated everything? Four years ago, when my writing career became my primary focus, I felt much the same. I hated my job from the hours to the harassment, and I found myself in a surreal situation where a career changing decision had to be made. 2,095 more words


Keeping Motivated as a Freelance Writer

You can be the greatest and most prolific writer of all time, but sooner or later, there is going to come a time when you would rather be sitting in front of the TV eating cold beans from a can and watching… 708 more words


The Solution to Your Content Needs

Searching for an experienced marketing content specialist who can be engaging, clever, and concise in optimizing content for your company’s website?


Maybe you’re searching for a fantastic web content developer who can assist in developing your audience. 57 more words

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5 Great Ways to Plan Your Writing Schedule

A friend of mine frequently takes the mickey out of me for my OCD-levels of scheduling and planning when it comes to my writing work. It all started when I was working at a marketing company, and the MD was constantly telling me to use a calendar to schedule the work of the multiple clients I had. 802 more words


What would YOU like to be paid?

Tell me, if you were a freelance writer, what would you like to be paid for the following job?

(Note: this ad has been copied directly from the website, so any spelling or grammatical errors are that of the advertiser). 1,880 more words


There is a First Time for Everything

I thought it might be interesting to share with you the first chapter of the first book I ever wrote. It was a young adult book that takes place in the White House about the daughter of a president – a girl named Summer. 766 more words