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How to Research Topics Online

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Internet offers a superb platform to research a topic, which for writers is a must. However, knowing which sites provide worthwhile information is another matter all together. 647 more words


How to Share Your Success as a Writer

As a writer it is important to show potential employers that you are actively working, already producing quality content and getting paid for it. You also need to show you are available for work and to win projects you’ll need to build up a good solid reputation as a reliable person and one who communicates well. 444 more words


How to Get the Most Out of Your Freelance Writer

What I’m about to say may sound counterintuitive, but trust me on this.

The best way to get the most out of your freelance writer is to provide him or her with content. 475 more words

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22,000 foreclosures in Detroit this year and more coming

Evone Brown, a 55-year-old former machine operator, survives on $850 a month from retirement and disability checks, which wasn’t enough to cover the roughly $8,000 she owed in property taxes on her home on the east side of Detroit. 65 more words

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Houston city attorneys subpoena pastors in retaliation for lawsuit

The constitution of the state of Texas protects both religious freedom (Sect. 6) and the freedom of speech and press (Sect. 8) among citizens of that state. 64 more words

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Offshore wind farm impact on marine life assessment needed: study

Offshore wind power is a valuable source of renewable energy that can help reduce carbon emissions. Technological advances are allowing higher capacity turbines to be installed in deeper water, but there is still much unknown about the effects on the environment. 46 more words

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The Truth About Good Content, Duplicate Content, And The Myth That It's King

When we learn things, we usually trust the sources that we learn from. When we were children and went to school, we trusted our science teacher who told us the Earth is 65 million years old and dinosaurs ruled the Earth. 984 more words