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About a year ago, I made a decision. The last relationship I had been in, with a partner who lived in a foreign country, had been very expensive. 783 more words

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5 Ways To Write Amazing Wedding Speeches For Clients

In my never-ending quest to torment the world with my unique brand of writing and my extremely dry “Monty Python” sense of humour, I subsequently discovered another way to get my writing out there and make some cold hard cash at the same time – writing wedding speeches for the best man. 565 more words


MailOnline is Seeking Freelance Writers (U.K.)

MailOnline is looking for experienced and talented writers to join its Femail desk as a freelancer covering a variety shifts including 7.30am-4.30pm and from 1pm-10pm (weekend shifts also available). 91 more words

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My daughter, Marissa, is getting married tomorrow in Cuba. She is 25 and it’s her second marriage.

That’s an inside joke. She got married last summer at City Hall in Ottawa for realz, in front of the rellies and close friends, the people she loves the most, the people who are too broke to go to Cuba to take part in her dream destination wedding. 742 more words


We bring an exciting chance for CONTENT WRITERS. Yes, you are right. We open up horizons for CONTENT WRITERS. Beside this, we assure 100% Placement guarantee… 230 more words

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How to Hunt for a Job like a First World Amazon Warrior

In the Peruvian Amazon, tribes of native rainforest people hunt their prey with blowguns that are loaded with poisonous 10 inch darts. Likewise, 5,889 KM away in Toronto, educated women are hunting for jobs with a blowgun called the Internet, equipped with ammunition in the form of soft-copy resumes and cover letters. 1,016 more words

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I sometimes despise others who don’t have the immediate strive for affection. I sit and wonder if you consider yourself lucky. to not instantaneously have the desire to share your love and empathy with others. 45 more words