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Writer's Cramp

It never fails. With every new article, I’m hit with the “spirit of hesitation”. I do everything but get down to business. I’m hesitant to start the first lines, fearful I won’t be able to get my thoughts on paper, or worse, what I write won’t make any sense or be of interest to anyone. 148 more words

Random Ramblings

It's not about What or How you Write. It's Why you Write

To be honest, I’m very saddenned with the negative responses I am receiving from my recent posts. I shared them to the different groups in Linkedin. 387 more words

My Writing Journey

Why I Don't Transcribe Interviews and You Don't Have to Either

I’ve never claimed to have access to any mind-blowing secrets that are going to make you rich as a freelance writer. In fact, I have a tendency to put my guard up when I hear anyone make such a claim; even if they’ve turned their job writing from home into a multimillion dollar gig. 1,171 more words

Leaders: On telling your story

When Blessing-White‘s recent article, The Importance of Narrative, arrived in my inbox, I clicked on it right away. Writers are keenly aware that the business world has a love-hate relationship with people like us—we are welcome in good times, but too often expendable, a luxury some companies choose not to afford. 388 more words

My First Blog Conference

As I sat down to write this post, I had a hard time knowing where to start. It’s a little difficult to put into words the… 365 more words

Blog Conference

How to Choose a Writing Niche: Ask Nicky

Hi Nicky,

I have a question concerning the choosing of a writing niche…

What if an area sounds interesting but I don’t know everything involved or am not sure if I have the required skills?   584 more words

Ask Nicky

I hate that I love you.

I hate that
you drive me crazy.
I hate that
you know every one of my flaws.
I hate that
you know my dreams and fears. 65 more words