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Contemplating the Life of a Recluse

This morning, I ran across this article in Psychology Today about the deliberate reclusive life. In it, the author discusses the merits of such an extreme choice. 737 more words

Freelance Writing

Saturday Evening Post Editor Steve Slon Tells You How to Get Published

Ever wonder what kind of person has the audacity to take a well-known publication and completely flip the script on it in order to roll out something brand-spanking new to their national reader base? 1,566 more words

Serendipity: The Secret to Success that No One Is Talking About

Psst. I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s something no one is talking about, but it just could be the best thing to ever happen to you. 788 more words

Self Improvement


There is something about entering into the month of November that now makes me a little nervous. No, it isn’t the fear of leftover turkey sandwiches or fighting the crowds on Black Friday ( 572 more words

Fear Is a Good Sign

When the chips fall into place, when the stars align, when all is just right…that’s when we most often take risks as a writer. The truth is, we rarely find ourselves in these “perfect” circumstances. 220 more words


Front page news.

Relinquishing control of the thoughts that enclose me
Barbed fences tearing holes in my simple soft notes
There is so much power to be felt… 148 more words

When people ask how my writing is going...

… I start to list all my projects and explain why they’re exciting. With a varied, ever shifting workload, there’s always an update on ongoing projects or a few new ones to catch them up on. 253 more words