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This blog has been created as a means to help me get familiar with WordPress. Most online blogging jobs require experience and, sadly, I have none- until now.  217 more words

Freelance Writing

Singing Tradition: With weekly sessions and radio shows, Seacoast musicians are keeping traditional music alive

My first multi-media project of a killer sub-culture on the Seacoast. Feel like hitting a bar and belting out some shanties? So quit fartin’ around and do it already!

3 Rules for Writing Easy to Understand Online Content

It is a commonly accepted fact that the average internet reader scans an article/ blog for a few seconds before deciding to continue reading, or clicking the back-button.  386 more words

Internet Writing Tips

Not precious about your writing? Be a ghostwriter


We writers don’t need bread and water – all we need is recognition. We need our name on something. That keeps us going.

The idea of immortality-by-black-on-white gives us just the right amount of motivation to keep going. 440 more words


Retro Reboot: TIE Fighter

Space strategy titles are enjoying something of a renaissance of late. The impressive, crowd-funded Star Citizen, for example, has given me hope that my favourite gaming genre isn’t completely dead – although whether the title will actually live up to its promise remains to be seen. 845 more words

Andrew Hemphill

Reasons Why I've Stopped Seeing Everything/Everyone As A Marketing/Networking Opportunity

For a lot of ‘personal brand-centric’ online entrepreneurs, networking is everything. Knowing the right people, adding the right friends, and liking a fellow blogger’s Facebook page could have a huge impact. 1,156 more words


The Value of Belonging: Meet the PWAC Danforth Success Group

By Jennifer D. Foster

Woody Allen once said that “80 percent of success is showing up.” He’s definitely onto something there. I’ve been a member of the PWAC Danforth Success Group (a subgroup of the PWAC Toronto chapter) for about four years and it’s proved invaluable. 709 more words