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How To Apply For Writing Jobs On This Blog


You are writer. It’s what you do and love.

Are you ready to earn cash doing what you love?

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There’s so much money to be made giving the countless opportunities offered by the web. 148 more words


Why reviewing is hard

Of course I am limited in what I review. Specifically I review and write mostly about video games, and that is something that is far more difficult than you might imagine. 304 more words

Freelance Writing

Scary step into a brave new world

What does one write for their first foray into the world of blogging? I had to think hard about this question, and finally after deleting the first sentence multiple times, decided that it was best just to write from the heart. 294 more words

Freelance Writing

Are You Infringing Any Copyrights?

Copyright laws are pretty complex and it takes an understanding of them to avoid inadvertently stepping on another writer’s toes landing yourself in hot water in the process. 465 more words


Writing Tips - The Second Draft

Once you’ve completed the first draft of your work, the first and most important thing you should do is celebrate. You conceived an idea, researched it and committed to putting it on paper or screen. 886 more words

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Freelance Writer? Follow These Twitter Accounts

If you’re a freelance writer who is building your social media presence, you’re probably wondering who to follow on Twitter. I find Twitter to be a great resource for connecting with other freelancers for advice and commiseration, finding job opportunities, and getting the latest on what’s happening in different industries. 1,017 more words

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'Nanning Eleven' keep family connections beyond adoption

Editor’s Note: Deidre Sullivan is a sophomore engineering major at the University of Dayton who says she has never been published. The Boston, Mass., resident says she likes creative writing and writing about entertainment. 787 more words