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Forget the children, freelancers are our future

When I resigned from my job to start freelancing as a freelance media consultant/writer/university tutor I’m sure my colleagues secretly thought I had lost my mind (sometimes, when I look at the hours I’m putting into business, I think they were right). 195 more words


Exciting News, About Possible New Publicity and Editing Services for Self-Published Writers

Disclaimer: Again, the website is not up and running yet, and this post is serving as a way of gauging interest, which will help me ascertain whether or not to go ahead with the next phase of developing a website and polishing other details!!   615 more words

Fiery Phoenix Angels and Magic Mystique

This small batch of premades is available in the old shop (here) rather than on my own website, at least for the time being. 10 more words

oDesk and the art of freelancing

On the eve of my impending student loan payments, I frantically began brainstorming ways that I could be making more money. My 40 hour/week social service job (which I  335 more words

3 Tricks I've learned over the years

During my extensive & eclectic career, I have attended many “sales” training courses, along with motivational & managerial courses,How to be the best courses & lots more all packaged up as “career enhancing”. 299 more words

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The Adventures of Freelancing Dad: Episode III - Freelancing Dad vs. The Smoke Detector

Night time is a freelancer’s Fortress of Solitude. All the setbacks and delays that came during the day can be rectified with few hours on the computer after everyone else has gone to bed – and let’s face it, those days happen all too often. 377 more words


Freelancers Bible, Last Chapters!

So these chapters were kind of sobering. All this time it’s been kind of like “oh look freelance advice, cool”, but now it’s like, oh, shit, i’m graduating soon and actually have to figure this stuff out. 99 more words