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How to become a freelancer

The idea of operating alone can be exciting for some. If you like the concept of no boss, no co-workers, no fixed working hours, then freelancing is the option for you. 442 more words

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How a Freelancer Takes a Non-Working Vacation

Later this summer I will take a 10-day non-working vacation. It will be my first non-working vacation as a freelancer. Yikes!

I tried thinking back to my last ‘real’ vacation – but I truly can’t remember when or where it was. 420 more words


Does keeping long nails make a guy look irresponsible?

Hey there every one.
I was doing a little surfing on the #1 online forum for Nigerians and ran into a post about long nails. The question posed was for the general population but I think that the writer had men as his target audience when he was writing that post. 249 more words

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Seashell Mailbox finished digital painting

Here’s the finished version of my seashell mailbox design.

How To: Shifting From Freelance Writing as a Hobby into A Business

For beginning freelancers, freelance writing can often feel like a hobby

because its often hard to break into. Gigs often ask for experience or

industry knowledge you may not have. 216 more words


Savvy Saturday


  • I created a profile here.  I did this as a result of a suggestion from a blog follower.  There are obviously other freelance job listing sites, that I may detail in another post. 
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