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Freewheeling Freelancers Rule

Freelancers have the best deal when it comes to work, according to a new survey. They typically work 38 hours a week and earn a median wage of £43,000 which is well above the national average of £25,000. 526 more words

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Brainless Blogger: Invisible Awareness Magazine

Brainless Blogger: Invisible Awareness Magazine.

I have started a health magazine called Invisible Awareness that will be for invisible disabilities. Coping with chronic illness and chronic pain. 91 more words


Freelancers, I'm Looking At You

I am a freelance musician; therefore, I know lots of other freelance musicians. If I had a dollar for every time I hear someone say that they mean to keep better records this year (as tax season approaches), my husband and I would be retiring next year instead of next decade. 695 more words


[Freelance] Because You Are My Prisoner Chapter 1

Title : Because You Are My Prisoner | Author : @reniilubis| Genre :  Drama, Romance, School-Life | Rating : Teen | Main Cast : Kim Myungsoo, Kim Jongin, Bae Suzy… 3,538 more words

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Freelancers, Not Free-Dancers!

Sometimes, money is not everything that drives a photographer to create work. Money does play a huge part in helping artist endure the expenses so as to continue to create art. 283 more words

[Freelance/Oneshoot] Sick

Title : Sick | Author : Leader Jjang | Genre : Angst, Fluff | Rating : Teen | Main Cast : Bae Soo Ji (Miss A) | 2,396 more words

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[Freelance] Mr. Arrogant Chapter 5

Title : Mr. Arrogant | Author : Leeka | Genre : Romance | Rating : PG-16 | Main Cast : Kim Myungsoo & Bae Suzy | 1,499 more words

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