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Freelance Photography for a Living

Photography is a passion for many. But if you are little strategic too, then you can turn your passion into a cash vending machine. Baffled to hear? 400 more words

Freelance Jobs

Can your productivity tools speak the same language?

Productivity tools are great for freelancers; they are like a helping hand or personal assistance for you. Starting from accounting, tasks management or time tracking, each tool has its own effect on your work cycle. 547 more words


Librarians and freelancers, undervalued

Some of you read my other blog, bookconscious.  If not, I’d encourage you to check out my post, “On Being Discontinued,” in which I address the view that some people have that librarians “just check out books” and therefore aren’t really professionals. 104 more words

[Freelance/Ficlet] Unzipped Bag and Cute Guy

Proudly brought to you by @xianara || Starring:  Bae Suzy , IU a.k.a. Lee Jieun, and others. || Genre: Lil bit Romance, AU, Fluff (hopefully). || Length: Ficlet || Genre: General || 835 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance] The Popular Guy and I Chapter 1

Title : The Popular Guy and I  | Author : thefreakoffreaks | Genre : Romance, School Life | Rating : Teen | Main Cast : 2,257 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance/Twoshoot] Pinocchio


© Ocin

Title :  Pinocchio | Author : Leader Jjang | Genre : Friendship, Romance | Rating : T| Main Cast : Bae Soo Ji (Miss A), Oh Se Hun (EXO) |  1,034 more words


The Nice List: 12 Super Creative Ways to Reward Loyal Customers

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The trouble is we most often see businesses stick to the tried and true methods. Which isn’t wrong, those tactics are true for a reason, but it gets boring, it’s impersonal, and it’s nowhere near as fun as what we’re about to show you. 541 more words