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Small business chat - Lindsey Gordon

Today we are welcoming another new small business chat interviewee – this latest crop of new ones have been really interesting, haven’t they, and I hope we have them to stay on the roster for a good few years to come. 1,148 more words


Freelancing, mon amour

I sit at the kitchen table wearing training shorts which carry a print saying “beach volley” – I never played beach volley. I actually hate volley, they forced me to play it in school and I never managed to grab a ball if not with my face. 354 more words

Personal Rants

The Online Writer Sweatshops

Being a streetwise “done that and bought the T-shirt” kind of guy, I thought I had seen and heard it all. I figured long ago that there was nothing that could shock me anymore. 513 more words


Clients from Craigslist

Not really a good idea.  Here’s why.

And if you ever do, make sure they watch this video with you so they know all the things that need to be considered when you take on a project, and why your time is so valuable.

(h/t:  Design Shack)


A Freelancer's View

I feel the need to clarify how freelance writing works. You need stuff written and don’t have either time or skill to write it yourself. You put it out to a freelance writer to write it for you. 500 more words

Freelance Writing

It's Rough Out Here as a Freelance Writer

So right now I feel like ranting a little bit. Things had been moving along quite well in my freelance writing career and I was very pleased with the progress I have made in the last year as a whole. 366 more words


Spotify playlist I'm lovin' this week

Best Music: Epic Music, Movie Soundtracks, and Video Game

Since I’ve been working from home doing some freelance work the last few weeks I needed some music to work to. 43 more words

Passing Time