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Odesk- top and trusted online earning market place news

I start my first freelancing career in odesk. I think Odesk the best freelancing marketplace i also think it’s the best freelancing market place for beginner freelancers. 144 more words

7 Career Skills I Learned from Being Self-Employed

Since graduation, I’ve spent the majority of my career as a freelance writer and the founder of my own creative/marketing company. But over the last year I’ve undergone a major career change, shifting from ‘self-employed’ to ‘employee’ and relegating my contract work to nights and weekends. 872 more words


Q is for Quagmire

Which is what I’m in, because I couldn’t think of anything that starts with Q – and me a copywriter! Or should I say qopywriter? 106 more words


Better Late

 (15 Oct ’06)

            I began a career at 38. Like most of my generation, through college, ‘work’ had been topmost in my mind, but much though I wanted to, I couldn’t. 619 more words

Small business chat update - Al Hunter

It’s Small Business Chat time again, and today we’re saying a warm hello to Al Hunter from Mobile Remaps, a man who does something I’ll admit that I’ve never fully understood about cars (this is OK: I don’t have a car, I don’t drive, I don’t plan to drive or have a car, and if anyone asks me about this stuff I’ll point them Al’s way …). 2,130 more words


P is for Proofreading

As I promised yesterday, a post about proofreading. It took me a while to land on a post for P. Products? Passwords? Pesky pets? It seems I could write about P all day (a joke my 10- and 11-year-old boys would appreciate). 263 more words