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Check out my website.  I’m a cheap bastard, so here is a wix page.


New VM's

I’m having a fun day.  Making several VM’s to run several OS’s to explore several things.  Tails OS and a Windows 7 minimalist machine.  Time to explore what I wanted to.

SDRL (Sussex Downs Radio Link)

Had a message sent via the contact form from “Bli” who has sent a link for the Sussex Downs Radio Link. Like with the excellent 11m repeater in Brussels it seems that this is also driven via… 206 more words

PMR 446

China, Google, NSA crack down on electronic freedom

China is cracking down on instant messaging service, clearly a threat to Communist China.  The ‘Peoples Republic’ has often and repeatedly sought to silence dissent and imprison those who dare to question the reasoning of its leaders.  282 more words

Puerto Rico