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LED Clock with Kitchen Hot Pan Protector

When I showed my 60 NeoPixel LED clock prototype to my daughter and her girlfriend, and they both wanted to have one right away :-). Well, that clock was just a proof of concept, with lots of temporary wiring. 1,513 more words

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Zumo Robot with WiFi and GPS

It always takes longer than expected: actually 4 weeks from the first board out of the reflow oven (“First New Zumo Board out of the Reflow Oven… 577 more words


Burning IMX28 Ltib image to SD card and booting

After successful creation of bootable image as per previous post we need to do some hack in order to get the OS booted from the IMX28EVK board. 382 more words


Adding the Wi-Pi WiFi Dongle to the RIoT Android Board

The wired Ethernet connectivity works out of the box with the Freescale RIoT board :-). But to make it more ‘IoT’ capable, a WiFi connection would be a big plus. 264 more words


Flashing a new Android Image to the RIoT Board

I understand the challenges of board vendors: they produce many boards, and typically they have an early/first firmware version on it. And when that board gets shipped to customers, that firmware typically is old and outdated :-(. 902 more words

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Terminal Connection to the RIoT Board

I admit: I love command line interfaces. Because that gives me usually much more control than any GUI (Graphical User Interface). I like the fact that they have put a UART interface on the… 276 more words

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The Internet of Things (To Be Hacked)

Credit where credit is due: the above title is a headlined ripped straight out of 12 July issue of The Economist, though I diverged from the capitalization (or lack thereof) called out in their style guide. 854 more words