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Initiative aims to cut down number of cars on Austin roads

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin businesses are being encouraged to reduce the number of employees who drive to work alone by 20 percent.

To meet this goal, CapMetro and the City of Austin are paying for free webinars for businesses to set up the best options for their employees. 149 more words


P&E Eclipse Update Site for GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins

P&E has just released a new version of their Eclipse plugins for the set of GNU ARM Eclipse debug plugins. The GNU ARM Eclipse plugins from Liviu support OpenOCD and Segger J-link, so with this update or extension it adds… 147 more words


Hostapd on imx28

The Linux2.6.35 did not have libnl and hostapd packages. The hostapd depends on openssl and libnl. So before building the hostpad package we have to build these two. 140 more words


wpa_supplicant on i.Mx28

To build wpa_supplicant for imx28, edit <ltib>/config/platform/imx/packages.lkc file.


    bool "wpa_supplicant"

    depends on PLATFORM  = "imx31_3stack" || PLATFORM  = "imx35_3stack" || PLATFORM  = "imx37_3stack" || PLATFORM = "imx51_3stack" || PLATFORM = "imx51"


      wpa_supplicant is an implementation of the WPA Supplicant component,

      i.e.,the part that runs in the client stations. 86 more words

Automatic Documentation Generation: Doxygen with Processor Expert

One really cool thing with Processor Expert is: it does not only generate the source code for me, it generates as well documentation :-). I’m a believer of the ‘single source’ approach: if I have to document a software project, then the software itself shall be the source of the documentation. 307 more words

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i.Mx28 LTIB openssl errors in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS

You will get the following errors while you building the openssl package in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS.

 1. Error in cms.pod

cms.pod around line 457: Expected text after =item, not a number… 1,520 more words


Linux Marvell bluetooth on IMX28 development board ( MCIMX28EVK )

Lets see how we can configure bluetooth on MCIMX28EVK board. The following linux commands are used to enable bluetooth

The hciconfig is used to configure bluetooth device. 202 more words