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Automatic Documentation Generation: Doxygen with Processor Expert

One really cool thing with Processor Expert is: it does not only generate the source code for me, it generates as well documentation :-). I’m a believer of the ‘single source’ approach: if I have to document a software project, then the software itself shall be the source of the documentation. 307 more words

Tips & Tricks

i.Mx28 LTIB openssl errors in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS

You will get the following errors while you building the openssl package in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS.

 1. Error in cms.pod

cms.pod around line 457: Expected text after =item, not a number… 1,520 more words


Linux Marvell bluetooth on IMX28 development board ( MCIMX28EVK )

Lets see how we can configure bluetooth on MCIMX28EVK board. The following linux commands are used to enable bluetooth

The hciconfig is used to configure bluetooth device. 202 more words


i.MX28 On-Board Diagnostics Suit (OBDS)

The OBDS is used to test the memory,uart,usb,sd,i2c etc of MCIMX28EVK board.The source is available at freescale’s website.Download the IMX_OBDS source from here.You will get imx_28_obds_release_v1_0.tar.gz. 305 more words


Using u-boot to boot linux kernel 2.6.35 from sd card on MCIMX28EVK

Our aim is to use u-boot to boot kernel from sd card.We have used the following steps to achieve it.

The Linux image and uboot image have already built. 404 more words


IMX Ltib common errors

These are the common errors you may encounter while building Ltib

  • Ltib Zlib not installed error

While building ltib it may report zlib packages are missing… 315 more words

Embedded Systems

Review of the CAM8100-U USB Camera with the RIoT Android Board

In my earlier post (“Adding the CAM8000-D Camera Module to the RIoT Board“) I was running into the ‘single camera’ trap of the current RIoT Android OS image: with only one camera attached, and switching between front/back camera, Android is stuck and needs to be flashed again to the board. 387 more words