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Racism Hurts

I wanted to write something about the Michael Brown and Eric Gardner verdicts; however, I didn’t want to comment about the actual cases. We may never know what really happened during the Michael Brown incident. 591 more words

More than just a dick-move: Why new anti-protest laws in Tassy are threatening our unique democracy in Australia

In 2014 another Bill was passed in Australia which would once again raise concerned eyebrows in the international community of people more smarter than us (read: The United Nations). 484 more words


#OpliftThebans was a success!

-breaking -
Anonymous’ #opliftthebans was a success!
A Broward Country Florida judge issued an order Tuesday that removes a ban that turns people feeding the homeless outdoors in Fort Lauderdale into lawbreakers. 84 more words

Thoughts on #OpKKK, Free Speech and wahtever

I know that there has been a lot of dissent about ‪#‎OpKKK‬ and that some people are now saying that we are hypocrites who only like a certain brand of free speech. 292 more words


"Linguistic Reprisal" and How to Take Free Speech Back

I’m a spirited person. I get into many debates with others because it’s kinda what I like to do. I especially cherish when I get someone that I can really go toe to toe with, particularly on matters relating to fiction or religion. 1,001 more words

Social Issues

Julien Blanc : Should the controversial PUA be banned from entering the UK?

Frankly, his name was virtually unknown to me until two days ago but one whose notoriety is growing by the second in the UK.

Julien is a self-proclaimed PUA or pick up artist who modelled his  misogynistic theories on those of Neil Strauss’ popular dating advice book,  708 more words