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It’s interesting how when people are forced to hold a pole together to support themselves they will do it regardless of whose hands are also using the pole,regardless of ethnicity,colour or religion but when its about  coming together and helping one another and using each other for support we would rather torture,abuse,attack and eventually kill one another because of differences in our religion,colour and ethnicity than actually listen and try to help one another.Is this really what humanity has become?



Kanye and Free Speech

I have never met Kanye West and probably never will, however he is a true icon that can be learned from. In recent months I have come to realize that people are quick to avoid open discussion about almost everything. 206 more words


Google Unveils New EDM Statistics

Please click for the above pictures to expand.

Shout out to you old timers in the 25-50 range. Thank you for your 80% boost!


We should all defend Page Three in the name of liberty

The Sun is an appalling publication and there’s no doubt about it. Britain’s most read newspaper is a truly questionable one. Some of its headings in the past have included: “They’ve stolen all our jobs”, “Halal secret of Pizza Express”, and other deeply offensive and misinformed, provocative headlines. 614 more words

Relevant Issues

Diplo about Taylor Swift, says "And I'm scared. I'm scared for my life."

All things considered, if a million Taylor Swift fans got pissed off about that, it doesn’t totally matter.
She has like forty million Twitter fans. Forty million! 90 more words