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Freezer Cooking Update

Remember this list from a couple of weeks ago? I forgot to update last weekend, but I did make a few more items.  I finished the marinara sauce and I made about 65 turkey meatballs last weekend. 147 more words


Ground Pork, Bacon and Black Bean Chili

Ground Pork, Bacon and Black Bean Chili

Author Note: This chili recipe is one that is dear to my heart. It has been a family favorite for years and is one of my go-to recipes. 296 more words

Cinnamon Currant Quick Bread

It has been so long since I’ve added a post, I had NO clue what my password was! Well, I’m in now and this is a good one. 283 more words

Chicken Cacciatore

Last week I harped about not having many Crock-Pot recipes that I enjoyed and I subconsciously suggested that I should take a lesson from the Boy Toy because he crocks alot.  354 more words

Real Food

Rainbow Tacos With Tangy Mango Dressing

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been 3 months of morning/all day sickness and I am finally beginning to feel good enough to get back to my life! 502 more words


If at first you don't succeed - Make Some Mousse!

Not all of my recipes are successes right out of the gate. I’m working on some lovely End of Summer Muffins that taste delicious but need to be spooned out of the pan. 388 more words