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Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Freezer Cookies

These banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are “the cookie” I was thinking of when I named this blog. This was the first food that really and truly fell into my routine, and it hasn’t budged. 560 more words


Betty's Meatballs

Monday July 21, 2014 
Recipe:  60 years in the making

Today was a very exciting Monday! Christina’s Mother-in-Law Betty was a guest in Heather’s kitchen.  She was here to teach us how to make her meatballs.   411 more words


Cheez-It Crusted Chicken

This recipe (like my Fails!: Ranch Potato Crisps) is also based on the Let’s Dish meal we used to get when we lived back in Virginia; except this one turned out successfully when I made it without their instructions.   546 more words


Speedy sausage and scape pasta

I had some scapes left over after making pesto and decided to combine them with spicy Italian sausage for a take on a traditional algio e olio (garlic and oil) pasta dish. 339 more words

Vegan Beanball Sub with Sautéed Kale Marinara

I’ve been wanting to put together this recipe for a while now, but I kept pushing it aside and dealing with all the other recipe ideas that spring into my head at all hours of the day. 495 more words




I’m on a plum roll here..& T’is the season for all things plum. This is an uber simple sorbet, that I created for theKitchenAid India… 403 more words

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