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Smoky Lentil Soup With Kalamata Olives

Soup is one of my favorite meals. The best part is that you can freeze the leftovers for a quick supper when you are in a bind. 155 more words


Leek and Potato Soup

There is something medicinal with soups that really bring out the flavour of really good chicken stock.

With the addition of leeks and potatoes this soup is a favourite in our house  especially if the boys are sick! 156 more words

Gluten Free

Lexie's tomato rice

I was going to call this ‘Basque vegetable stew’ – sounds a bit better than marrow stew which essentially what it is. Then Lexie started calling it ‘tomato rice’ which is a much better name.  439 more words


Pretend Like Its The Weekend

Pour…wait for the bubbles….flip….and flip again so you have a delicious golden pancake. I could eat pancakes everyday. It’s like eating cake for breakfast and they are even great for dinner. 122 more words


Whole Orange Cake

This is the BEST whole orange cake. No boiling of the orange and everything gets done in a processor after you process the orange so minimal washing up! 161 more words


Wonderful Mexican Beef Stew with Sweet Potato Mash

Making a good pot of chili is a rite of passage here at Stove’s Glow.  We have made ourselves a few pots of stellar meat, as well as, veggie chili’s in the past.   491 more words

"Repeat" Recipe

Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup - So Easy. So Magnificient.

Over my years I have prepared many different types of chicken noodle soup, but this is by far the best. Yes, it is quite a bit more time consuming, but you will find it to be very easy to create. 572 more words

"Repeat" Recipe