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What can I do with all this extra corn from my garden?

Question: What can I do with all this extra corn from my garden?

Answer: Instead of trying to eat your way through the corn crop in a couple short weeks, enjoy some now and freeze the rest for later. 347 more words

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Preparing for Winter!

Here it comes again! Weather experts are saying we’re in for another harsh winter, so we thought it would be a great time for a refresher of what we need to do before the freezing temperatures hit! 200 more words

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Preserving the Harvest

One thing that’s been on my mind as I plant all my seeds and watch them grow is what to do with the food once it’s grown. 502 more words


How To Make Vegetable Stock

I haven’t always been someone who makes their own stock. Truth be told, if I was making something that had vegetable stock as an ingredient, more often than not I would substitute with water. 718 more words


Hitting a Java breakpoint causes X11 to freeze

This is an annoying problem that I would come across from time to time.

When debugging a Java application on Linux (Mint 11) using Eclipse, on hitting a breakpoint the whole system would appear to freeze. 125 more words


English version of "Vertrauen..." - Trustworthiness

The blood pressure is so strong in my ears that I can’t hear my own thoughts any more. I can feel my heart wanting to get out from my body. 216 more words

Gluten Free Salmon Patties

Served here as a sandwich on a bed of greens, with homemade tartar sauce*, topped with a garden tomato and a side of garlic pickles… 228 more words

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