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Big purchases - Big steps towards a more self-sufficient life!

In preparation to building our new homestead, I’ve been reading Jill Winger’s E-book “Your Custom Homestead“. I had already been enjoying her blog, … 512 more words


Freezing Scallion Onions

So my quest to keep my gardening under control by freezing items as needed continues.

This week I chose to thin out my rows of scallion onions which is also shared by my carrots. 65 more words


It's the middle of July and I'm Freezing.

I am so cold that I can’t warm up.  I know it’s the middle of summer, and I know that it’s warm outside, but inside….  It’s cold. 221 more words

Freezing Tart Cherries and Cherry Limeade Recipe

This morning was our first pick-up day for tart cherries.  So first thing this morning I hauled in my thirty pound container and got my cherries ready to freeze. 372 more words


Leftovers: Leftover Dirty Rice = Boudin Balls with Satsuma Pepper Jelly

Every once in a while, two good creations collide and make a really awesome and tasty nibble. Some leftover authentic Louisiana dirty rice turned into fried boudin balls, served with some super awesome satsuma pepper jelly (so good my stash is almost gone!) 547 more words


Freezing Australia

I just read a blog about how cold it was in Jakarta and so I though I would look at the latest SYNOP chart for that part of the world, and immediately noticed the cause of the problem: a strong southerly gradient sandwiched between a large high to the west of Tasmania and low pressure just to the NW of New Zealand. 229 more words


Oh how I love the weather

you know it’s bloody freezing when your fingers freeze up and hurt so much you can’t hold a pen. You know it’s bloody freezing when your nose goes red which is rare because your olive skin never shows colour changes. 31 more words

To Be Serious