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Make Your Own Frozen Fries

This year we finally grew some large potatoes. Potatoes are hard to keep so I had to find ways to preserve our crop. After searching the web and watching youtube I finally decided it was easy to make your own french fries and freeze them for later. 217 more words

Canning And Perserving

when a friend hands you lemons

My friend Heather recently moved from Boise to San Jose and while most of the time I’m not envious at all, the times I am almost always have to do with the beautiful produce that she has easy access to. 236 more words


Playfull Puppy

Even though it’s 42 degrees, mid-spring time. My puppy doesn’t mind it one bit. He will beg me to play with him outside for hours on end. 29 more words

New York

Day 101: 365 Grateful, is it time yet?

Signs of spring…is it time yet?

But it is supposed to be 20-40 degrees in the next couple days…spring is tricking us again!

365 Grateful

Cold temps threaten Oklahoma plants

OKLAHOMA CITY – The winter that just won’t quit is packing one more punch.

Temperatures are expected to plunge tonight.

It is news which has many scrambling to save their plants. 277 more words


The wife trains for a race.

3 weeks left!

3 weeks left until the Spartan Race in Colorado this year.

Lamoni signed up for this race almost 9 months ago. He is ready and excited. 669 more words



Let it go, let it go! *cue music*. If you didn’t get that you should go watch the movie Frozen by Disney (Disney please don’t sue me for mentioning you in this post, twice). 313 more words