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Garage Refrigerator Heater Kit keeps your garage refrigerator working during winter

Make sure the refrigerator in your garage is ready for winter with a Garage Refrigerator Heater Kit.

As the temperature outside your refrigerator drops below 40 degrees, your refrigerator senses this and tells the freezer, “No more cold air for me thanks.” The freezer stops producing cold air and the items inside your freezer start to melt, resulting in spoiled food. 67 more words

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Save Time & Money with a Little Freezer Prep

The old saying, “I’ve got more time than money”  holds true for many of us.  Whether it’s repairing things yourself instead of hiring out, learning to make your own flower arrangements or home decor, rather than purchasing the expensive alternatives, and so on.   603 more words


Freezing Chanterelles

You can’t really dry chanterelles, or so I was told by a guide for the Mushroom Gathering at Breitenbush, a cheerful graying adventurer called Animal. 458 more words


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By the second you get distracted you notice how cold it actually is … so left work as fast as possible and went to my cozy bed …don’t want to ever leave it… but I will have to …
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Yesterday I went to the hairdresser, because my hair was simply to long… So in order to stay away from them as long as possible I told them I wanted short hair… As it is now it looks good, but I am so freezing, since my hair was always covering my back … kind of regret it now, but it looks so good … Good thing now I can buy more scarves and I need less time to put my hair in order since it’s short and there is not so much of it here now. 6 more words

Greater Moncton dips below freezing

For the first time since late May, the thermometer dropped below the freezing point in Greater Moncton this morning to -1.1 C.

Frost was widespread although hardier vegetation appears to have been spared. 56 more words

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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD my dorm is SO COLD. Like my dorm room/suite. It’s SO COLD. During the day, from 9 to 5, it’s nice. You don’t really notice it. 436 more words

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