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The coolest festival in the world

China’s Harbin Ice Festival, in its 31st year, promises towering snow sculptures featuring mythic figures, a temporary city of famous buildings rendered in ice (which have included the tallest ice sculpture in China, at 46 metres) as well as intricate ice-art lit with multi-coloured LED lights, that wow around a million guests each year from throughout the world. 591 more words

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Blood Limes

I mentioned earlier this month that I had bought some blood limes. Blood limes are a fascinating cross between the native finger lime and a mandarin, or maybe a Rangpur lime, the story seems to vary. 544 more words


Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why is it some days you really want to crawl under your bed and not come out? I do not like feeling this way.

Woke up hot, sweaty and yet freezing at the same time. 43 more words

It's cold again!

The weather has decided to take a turn for much colder temperatures. This morning we woke up to 29° and a cool house. It was cooler than we liked so the heater was run for the first time this fall. 487 more words

#2036 What's With the Hot & Cold Torture Treatment?

Air-conditioning is running full throttle and swinging between COLD for about 5 minutes then HOT for about 3 minutes and then back again?!!!

Its also so loud, I thought I got on a Boeing 737 by accident 😧 18 more words


Storing Carrots

Carrots – root cellar style (with or without an actual root cellar)

Benefits: Excellent source of Vitamin A. Very good source of biotin, vitamin K, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, Vitamin C. 356 more words

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Freezer Queen

When we started thinking about the whole “getting back to our roots”, my mind immediately went to canning. I was never taught the art of canning and preserving, but the internet being what it is, I figured it wouldn’t be hard to learn. 714 more words

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