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Summer Harvest - Onions

It is getting to that time of summer when crops are starting to reward us for all of our hard work.  Next year I need to learn to plants my crops in stages so that I can pick lovely little gems each week as needed.   199 more words

White Window Creations


Black Groups under face are normally due to:

Lack of sleep

• Hereditary

• Fatigue

• Stress

• Aging

• Deficiency in vitamins

• … 172 more words

Skin Care

Freezer Storage of Baked Goods

When I bake, I bake in large quantities and then freeze the items for future use.  With 32 grandchildren, baked goods come in handy when they are visiting.   112 more words

Food Preparation

Blueberry Picking

I traveled to Super Acres Blueberry Farm in Lyme, NH with my colleagues from work to pick blueberries. This was my first you-pick blueberry experience. Blueberries are easy to pick because they grow on 5 to 8 foot tall bushes, meaning you get to spend a lot of time in the shade and pick berries standing up. 97 more words

Putting Food By


The garden is beginning to overflow. It makes my heart happy to be able to save things away for the winter. Today we are blanching and freezing green beans as well as cooking down tomatoes for soup and sauce.


july 2012, garden bounty

graveyard shift

I was sent to bed last night at 7. It was good and necessary, as I was being a total crabby-patty and there was no light at the end of that tunnel. 552 more words

New Farmer

Yard sales+loaded pickup=possible road rage

Saturdays on the farm are days where we accomplish or try to accomplish extra tasks that don’t seem to get done through the week.
So yesterday we disregarded the fact that it was Route 90 sales in the area, we loaded up my hubby’s diesel pickup with scrap and headed to the scrap yard for some extra cash. 116 more words