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Entering Europe

I’m that obnoxious American slapping my feet as I walk along side a rapidly clacking duffle bag on wheels because one wheel is chipped and hitting the sidewalk in half turns. 260 more words



For the urban planners and sustainability nuts out there, Freiburg is easily one of the cities we dream of when we aspire to the unreachable utopia.   97 more words


This Thing Called a Market

So this morning, Nikki and I wandered around the historical part of Freiburg by ourselves. This was our first time venturing out without our personal tour guide, Laura. 102 more words


New Online Resource: Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database (PHVM)

Periodicals were an essential part of, and reflected all aspects of Victorian culture, including the Victorians’ interest in the past. The Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database (PHVM) 179 more words


Freiburg Photos - Germany in Retrospect

I’m in Kyrgyzstan now and there’s so much to share! First, however, I need to finish sharing the photos from Germany. Over the next few days, I’m going to be  editing/revamping my blog. 93 more words


The Art of Wandern: the Delight is in the Details

The following day I went hiking again.  This day was the day before Easter, and I’ve mentioned some of this hike to you before (see the third bullet point on… 413 more words