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Stumbling stones into the past

During my first visit to Freiburg, Germany, one of the things that most impressed me was the meticulously cobbled streets. So precisely cut are the stones that you can walk on them for hours without tiring — and the mosaics are as much of a feast for the eyes as the shop windows above them. 406 more words


Misspent Youth, Pour-a-Quiche, Introducing Rosamunde Portsmouth

When I was busy misspending my youth–by which I mean everything from the day I quit piano lessons, through the summer I lived in the “International House” in Freiburg learning instead of German, up until I realized all my options had become limited–I often heard myself telling people I thought maybe I would write a book one day. 157 more words


How good is Francis Coquelin as a Defensive Midfielder.

The mention of the name Coquelin amongst Arsenal fans few months ago wouldn’t spark a lot of excitement but now, he’s become such a focal point of the team. 339 more words


It's always sunny in Freiburg

Freiburg is renowned as the sunniest city in Germany. In fact, that’s what seems to have drawn quite a few people to this program in the first place. 203 more words


It’s been a while. I started my new master so I didn’t have much time for photography left. I will try to get out more, it took me a while to find a new rythm. 63 more words


Family Part III: Castles with M&M!

After Mom and Dad headed off to the freezing land of ice and snow that is Iceland in winter, Michelle and Mark stayed to spend a few more days with us before returning to real life. 345 more words


Family Part 2: Morrows AND Ruhls!

On December 1, Michelle and Mark arrived to join us and the Morrow parents in Freiburg. All together, we celebrated an early Christmas, and took some great trips with all six of us. 440 more words