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The Humble Bus - You deserve better

Oh, the humble bus. You get nothing but the ire of transit riders the world over. Even in transit friendly places like Freiburg, Germany and London I have seen and heard people express grief towards buses that is less frequently directed at trams or trains.  2,467 more words



So, at the start of October, I moved to Germany to study for a year. I have been here for six weeks now, and I feel that is  enough time to get used to the place. 479 more words


Welcome to Freiburg

Germany’s sunniest city, Freiburg, was our next stop. We stayed overnight in the hostel across from the soccer stadium…on game night. Tons of people around and the crowd could be heard quite well. 257 more words


Erasmus Exchange in Freiburg. Part VI

Those of you, who are from Edinburgh or spent a decent amount of time exploring it, know that it has some really interesting and beautiful (in a slightly creepy way I guess) graveyards. 241 more words



Freiburg I’m Breisgau, is generally known as simply Freiburg but is also known as the “jewel of the Black Forest,” as it is a picturesque, university town sitting right on the edge of the Black Forest. 527 more words


Random musings - Jogi Löw and The Imitation Game

It’s interesting, you show the same video to two people and get very different responses. The videos in question are of course Jogi related, two videos I made from the Germany-Scotland game. 638 more words

Jogi Löw

Around Europe in 9 days

Ok so I’ve been lazy. Very lazy with this blog. So I won’t mention all the stuff that has happened to me or we’ll be here for ever (besides, I have to keep some stuff back for stories when I get home). 1,095 more words