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West Coast railfreight and HS2, part two

Part one

If HS2 released capacity ‘delivered‘ 20 additional freight paths on the West Coast Main Line, the effect on total heavy goods road mileage would be minuscule. 54 more words


I have the best Alternate Fuel

I have come up with the best alternate fuel,  Tears,  I cry enough of them every time I see the fuel bill for the trucks and the cars.  803 more words


Pacific National

A Pacific National freight train is seen driving to the Port of Melbourne near Melbourne Yard. Pacific National is a main supplier of freight trains in Victoria.

Hanoi post office stuff

I went to the Hanoi post office today to send some of my stuff back to PH and I thought it’d be great to write a blog entry about it because many people would want to know how logistics works in this side of the world. 359 more words


Crumbs - Miha Mazzini (Review)

Miha Mazzini’s Crumbs is an unusual one. It was published in 1987 in its original Slovenian language, a language that was spoken by less than two million people according to Mazzini’s 2004 foreword. 552 more words


London's importance for railfreight

Section 2.4 of October 2013′s Strategic Case for HS2 was concerned with railfreight. It noted that

  • forecasts in Network Rail’s Freight Market Study consultation document showed a possible doubling in GB railfreight tonne-km by 2043…
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