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Six Steps for Calculating Freight Costs

Freight charge rates vary by shipping companies based on the kind of goods and items as well as any necessary special handling. The freight charges may also be affected by the distance to transport such goods. 373 more words


What is the best way to increase rail capacity?

According to the London Assembly Transport Committee (2007), the ‘best way to unlock potential rail capacity’ is through better use of the existing network, rather than the construction of new lines and stations. 17 more words


The Unemployment Crisis and the American Trucker

It’s difficult to live in the United States without being concerned about the continuing unemployment problem. While unemployment has been steadily decreasing, it has been an incredibly slow process. 443 more words

West Coast railfreight and HS2, part two

Part one

If HS2 released capacity ‘delivered‘ 20 additional freight paths on the West Coast Main Line, the effect on total heavy goods road mileage would be minuscule. 54 more words


I have the best Alternate Fuel

I have come up with the best alternate fuel,  Tears,  I cry enough of them every time I see the fuel bill for the trucks and the cars.  803 more words


Pacific National

A Pacific National freight train is seen driving to the Port of Melbourne near Melbourne Yard. Pacific National is a main supplier of freight trains in Victoria.