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I Want to Live in Paris

I suppose it’s inevitable to be somewhat introspective when there’s an impending birthday once you reach “a certain age”.  I recently read What You Learn in Your 40′s… 732 more words


Common Descency

So were babbling with a friend of mine, a conversation follows where I mention this hot new The Soil album. While doing our assignments and how ironic that the subject came up in what we consider a serious time to be doing schoolwork, I offer to play one of the songs to him from the album via my iPad, to my excitement I increase the volume of the song, as if expecting a good reaction, he suggests I lower the volume, considering there are a lot of people in the lab, who really arent paying attention to what were saying. 390 more words

The Park

The park is the stage

we all are the players,

Angie singing her heart out

she has a voice of an angel.

Guitar players playing until… 37 more words

The First Step

All inside me,

Battles, waste, things not of me.

In the morning,

Something is left from yester’s dusk.

All inside me,

Different men with different men on their insides, 58 more words


Tooth Of The Day



I wish it were as easy to UNLOVE someone as it were to unfriend them.

 Diana A Araneta quotes 

If you feel like your ship is sinking, 195 more words

Guiding Light

The Evolution of Friendships

There are four things that I focus on in life: my health (physical, mental and spiritually), my family, my brain (I need a challenge) and my friends.  924 more words

Work Life Balance