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Primordal Options of Man - friend or foe

I’m fasting at the moment…….and feeling fabulous.

Years of feasting on the primordial options of man has taken its toll.

I love people, don’t get me wrong but I seem to lack the ability to put up any form of barrier to people wanting to use my friendship. 184 more words


If Wishes Were Horses

My Gramma Sperindeo used to say that all the time, “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride them.”
I started collecting the wishbones from my roasted chickens many years ago. 444 more words



Welcome Riders!

These words were printed everywhere!  Huge banners announced the welcoming spirit.  Small signs in store fronts reassured the masses they were encouraged to step in and enjoy their hospitality.  418 more words

Travel Talk

On the JMT with JiffyPop

A couple years ago my ex sister-in-law, now just sister convinced me to go on a day hike with her. I knew she was plotting to entrap me in her web of hiking gear, and exaggerated tales of beauty and wonder at the great outdoors. 1,275 more words


My thoughts for my friends

Like books, Great friends offer best companionship .

Like a guru, Great friends are a constant source of inspiration.

Like the rare guiding stars, Good friends mentor you, correct you and bring out the best in you. 69 more words

My Works


Do you know how special you are?
its because of your unique love and care,
Your dedication to spiritual welfare,
And you are a woman of prayer. 112 more words


I am BACK! (its been a while) and I AM NOW A GRADUATE


Hey Word-pressers. It has been a VERY long time since i last did a post! (Apologies) I was busy working my ass off to get my BA! 152 more words