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I am BACK! (its been a while) and I AM NOW A GRADUATE


Hey Word-pressers. It has been a VERY long time since i last did a post! (Apologies) I was busy working my ass off to get my BA! 152 more words


When you change your perspective, your priorities change.

It’s strange how what we once thought was important, suddenly, from one day to another, moved by chance, our perspective and therefore our priorities change.


100 Days of Happiness: Day 3

My best friend and partner in chaos and creativity – Emily.

Through out these posts, I will post about the individuals who have helped make me who I am, but I think things would be out of order if I didn’t start with this lovely young lady… Like all relationships you have with others, we’ve had our ups and downs, but through out all of it, we’ve ended up on the same playing field, fighting for the same team and I am so honored to have her as such a close friend. 269 more words

My Perspective is not Objective.

My Perspective is not Objective.

And yet I think it is. And often, I’m guessing you think yours is too.

Ever heard of an ‘objective third party’? 117 more words


Our Friendship Garden Grows....

As we outlined in our Bio, our friendship blossomed in the garden that was our workplace, the healthcare environment. For 10+ years we had the opportunity to work closely together as a dynamic duo, bringing our bizarre sense of humor to our healthcare setting. 330 more words


I remember glancing through my parent’s address book when I was a young child and coming across an unfamiliar name.

“Who’s Elmer?” I asked my mother. 1,147 more words


What's in a name? (a two part series...)

If you are wondering where we got our blog name, pickles and pusses, we’re gonna tell you. If you’re not wondering, don’t read this…it’s not for you…move on. 200 more words