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Apricot Cherry Almond Tart (Frangipane)

Une tarte aux abricots s’il vous plait, Monsieur. 

For me, a cherry almond tart is as good as it gets. In fact, I love this dessert so much that I have made it on numerous occasions (despite its ridiculously long preparation time – which can be cut down with the help of a sous-chef). 321 more words


Passé composé versus Imparfait

Passé composé and Imparfait are both past tenses. But what’s the difference between them?

We don’t seem to think about this distinction in English,so it’s important to understand it when speaking french. 151 more words

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Non! France to show chocolate the red card

The implementation of a colour labelling system could soon mark foods according to their “health” factor. A French shopper would be confronted with a traffic-light system whereby foods would be marked green, yellow or red. 287 more words


Une journée comme

Today we had to translate a basic comprehension from this website:

Le matin, Sylvie se lève à 6 heures ou 6 heures et demie. C’est assez tôt pour elle. 475 more words

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Week #1: An Ouchy Evening

Have you ever witnessed something so beautiful that you couldn’t stop yourself from crying? I tear up at just about anything these days, so maybe my tears have less value than others’, but I cried for the entire duration of that sunset last night. 889 more words

Lac Léman

Poulette, French Gourmet in P-Berg

Poulette is a classy French restaurant close to the Wasserturm in Prenzlauer Berg. The friendly staff will warmly welcome you in this cute restaurant. The evening menu is quite restricted, there seems to be more choice for lunch. 107 more words

Prenzlauer Berg

Beef Bourguignon

Over the past week or so I’ve had a massive desire to cook French food. I think it’s probably to do with the fact that in my area there are very few, if any restaurants that specialise in French cuisine; so I haven’t eaten any for a while. 848 more words