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The French Won the French and Indian War

Most people, when asked about the French and Indian War, immediately say that the British won. While not necessarily wrong, this statement is misleading and requires further explanation. 310 more words


Trenton's Old Barracks Museum Certified as "Excellent!"

Acknowledging what many of us already know, the Old Barrack’s Museum has received a certificate of excellence from travel website TripAdvisor.com

Planning a visit? Why not contact us to arrange a walking tour highlighting the battles of Trenton for after your tour of the Barracks.

The Battles Of Trenton

Beware of Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth: When the Horse is Actually a Weapon

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the old proverb, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Well, I’ve gone and mixed my metaphors most dreadfully by combining it with, “Beware Greeks bearing gifts.”¬†Yes, I am now taking a proverb about horse teeth, mixing it with… 1,188 more words


Seizure of Power

Happy Independence DAY!!! … Well, two weeks ago anyway. After spending 2 glorious days and an afternoon gorging myself on hot dogs, chili, and Greek snack platters, I took the time to go on another photo adventure, if only to lose a bit of the weight I gained. 227 more words