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American Revolution Review

For Tuesday and Wednesday we will be reviewing the American Revolution for our CBA Test on Thursday.

The following slides cover most of the information you will need to know. 53 more words

Weinmann's Class

Remember When Taxes Used to Cause Revolutions?

This is from Town Hall Finance.

“No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.”
Rush Limbaugh

On this day in history, King George encouraged Americans to sign a document that became known as the “Declaration of Independence”… Indirectly, of course. 552 more words

The French and Indian war; BrainPOP

This video gives a good overview of the French and Indian war. It’s quick, funny, and entertaining. They cover all of the information in a way that elementary students can understand easily. 50 more words

A Pilgrimage to Rogers Island

Whilst visiting up State New York for an Autumn break, I managed to fulfill a lifetime ambition. To go on a pilgrimage and pay homage to the great Robert Rogers. 425 more words

Special Forces

Thieves, Strumpets, Tobacco, and the French: A Glimpse into the British Atlantic World, ca1760

On this date, October 10, in 1760, William Fauntleroy appears to have been a bit cranky.  A planter and merchant in Tidewater Virginia, he took a few minutes to pen an epistolary snapshot of life in the 18th-century British world in a fascinating letter to his sister, Elizabeth, then in London.   362 more words


The French and Indian War, Fort Necessity, Fort Pitt, and Fort Ligonier

Our studies have recently covered the French and Indian War. There are many sites of interest related to this conflict in the Maryland and Pennsylvania region that I wish to share with you. 1,403 more words