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Gobble Gobble...Turkey Time!

Good afternoonworld!

Today I feel how a little child feels on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come and deliver presents. Now, replace that big fat man with the beard with my loving houman family. 320 more words

French Bulldog

a rare visitor to my craft room

Lucky, my cat, is very set in her ways and very rarely deviates from the kitchen or one the beds upstairs.  Today I was graced with her presence in my craft room – luckily she isn’t a bead fan!  26 more words

At Home

French Bulldog On the Decks

Apparently we’re 4 years late to the best video the world has ever seen. A French Bulldog is mixing and scratching like a full time sick cunt. 11 more words


Who could be so lucky?

I’ve said it before, Olive is so much more than her encephalitis.  I am constantly reminded of this.  It’s interesting, troublesome really, to live with a dog who has an illness that could either continue into remission indefinitely or could relapse without a moments notice.   365 more words


Don't have a fireplace? Make one!!

One thing about our farmhouse, there is NO fireplace! waaaah :(

That’s not the worst of it….Turns out, this old farmhouse originally had 3 fireplaces! gasp!   410 more words

Create And Decorate

Today I Met Henry!!!

(Look at his little back legs! aww)

We are getting him from a very loving breeder. Right now they are 6-weeks old, but we just couldn’t wait to meet “Henry”.There were two little boys to pick from so we had a tough decision to make… or so we thought! 48 more words

French Bulldog