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French wine regions

As most of the articles I am going to post here will be somehow related to wine, I decided to give you a recap of the main French wine regions so everyone is one the same page.  506 more words

French Culture

The coolest word in the French language

It slips into phrases like an uninvited guest, crashing the party yet instantly finding its place.

A single letter long, it belongs to a very elite group indeed – one of the two shortest French words. 313 more words


The Warm Feelings

Thanks to the internet (as always) I finally saw Blue is the Warmest Color.

This film has incredible finesse. It takes us through days and then weeks and then years and then days seamlessly, with swift and perfect edits. 688 more words


French Cultural, too elitist /La culture française, trop élitiste

Ah…French culture, the food, the clothes, the jewelry, the wine, the literature, the cinema, these have great importance in France. The first four have such incredible global reputations that they are some of France’s most important exports. 1,320 more words


Musique Mercredi: Stromae, Indila, Chris Anderson, Zaz

1. Ta Fête: Stromae- this is the Master’s current radio hit.

2. Derrière Danse: Indila- Very popular song and singer currently on the radio. 53 more words


Every study abroader and expat knows the struggle: You work for years in school studying the language. You get to your “host” country and no one understands a word you’re saying. 276 more words

TAPIF Tip Tuesday: How to Go Skiing

The French are notorious for migrating south to the Côte d’Azur during the month of August. However, everyone and their mother also takes at least a week of the winter holidays to go skiing in the Alps. 420 more words