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Mon Japon en France Oral

Last term in French class we did an oral presentation about the Japanese and French connection. I chose to do my presentation on a Japanese chef named Takao Takano who is now living in Lyon, France. 227 more words

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University Life

I can count on one hand how many times I went home from university last year. Once was for Thanksgiving (the proud American holiday where we eat until we’re bursting, then still manage to find room for pie), once was for Christmas, and once was for three days during spring break because they closed the cafeteria and I probably would have died from sodium intake from eating too many ramen noodles otherwise. 443 more words

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227 Words About Paris

Paris is really fancy.

As we were driving in on the bus on a brief tour of the city before arriving at the hostel, a student leaned in close to me. 201 more words

French Culture

Getting in Touch with My French Side (or A Weekend in Quebec City)

Last Friday, I was stepping out of a taxi — one of the few taxis I’ve ever been in — and into the heart of French culture in North America. 623 more words


Attention: Fans de Duras !

La Voleuse, le film sur lequel je viens d’écrire va être retransmis une 4e fois en 2 mois ce vendredi, 18/7, à 3h30 du matin (c.à.d, jeudi après minuit). 14 more words

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Perils of Mixing up "Tu" with "Vous"

Carolyn V. sent the following wink at the perils of confusing Tu and Vous:


The dangers are serious! Already at 21, I made a peer feel that I was presumptuous when I said “tu” to a good friend of a close friend of mine – both French, of course. 119 more words

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Un, deux, trois, soleil

This is a game French kids love to play, it’s similar to “red light, green light.”  What’s interesting about this game was that it was the first French specific thing that Dawson learned.  117 more words