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The most insulting word in French

This one says a lot about the French, their language and their attitudes toward one another.

While not an insult on its own, one word is often used to add injury to insult. 431 more words


Place des Vosges

This is the beautiful Place des Vosges, considered to be the first square in Paris, commissioned by Henry IV. It is found between the third and fourth arrondissement, easily accessible from Metro Bastille. 7 more words

Joyeuses Pâques and Food glorious food…...

The Vide Grenier (car boot sale) season is just beginning in France now…..quite often there will be food served at Vide Greniers, this one on Easter Monday consisted of a starter of tomatoes and potatoes and cold meats, Confit de Canard, sauté potatoes, bread, a profiterole and wine, all served up on the latest airline trays which seem to be de rigeur…

French Culture

Snails, Sète, and Ships

It’s grey out and I can hear the soft whisper of rain outside in the street. I put powdered chocolate in my coffee today. As I type, the space bar keeps sticking, so I’m having to touch type and watch the screen carefully to keep my words from running together…And as I do, I realize that my fingers have finally intuitively learned the French keyboard, which is laid out differently than the QWERTY keyboard back in the States. 1,878 more words

Work to live, live to work

Once upon a time, I walked into my boss’s office and asked for his permission for my summer vacation. It was six months before I planned on going on holiday. 467 more words

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New French Words Reflect Society Influences

French words now reflect changes in its society. When I started spending time there, rules were strict. Words used were those found in dictionaries. As time went on, usage seemed to relax. 379 more words

News From France

la belle vie... work, parenting, and more

there has been a brisk response, sometimes derisory, to the recent announcement that France has banned work e-mails after six p.m.  it’s not strictly true, actually, as it only applies to ‘forfait jour,’ or temporary contract workers, but it certainly got the rest of the world thinking about the French attitude to the working week, especially as it came on the heels of what may be just about the most offensive Cadillac advert ever. 700 more words