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baby bok choy, sugar snap peas, and garlic

Moving house is such a great time to purge. My husband and I have been going room by room and cleaning out all the stuff which hasn’t been used in years. 218 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

French Fridays with Dorie: Baby Bok Choy, Sugar Snaps, and Garlic En Papillote

This weeks French Friday recipe is a simple steamed vegetable combination of bok choy, snap peas, and spring onions that Dorie describes as having a “Europe-in-the-spring accent” rather than the oft used Asian flavors of soy and ginger. 567 more words

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ffwd - baby bok choy, sugar snaps, and garlic en papillote

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe since I opened up Around My French Table for the first time. Just reading the title, I see everything I like. 203 more words

Quiche Maraîchère & Sablé Breton Galette - A French Fridays Catch Up

What we can do without and what we cannot is a line that shifts over time. I spent twenty-four hours thinking I’d lost my smartphone and I felt the loss in a way I wouldn’t have been able to imagine even ten years ago. 468 more words


Meatless Monday: A Weekly Wrap-up and Blogs to Explore

Its been a long weekend of gardening and for the first time in the last two weeks I missed posting yesterday and hardly cooked a thing the past few days, so I’m scrambling a bit for posts this week. 463 more words

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quiche maraichere

From the moment my husband saw the ingredients list for this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Quiche Maraichere, he started lobbying for change. I’m sure he thought that he was being subtle about it, “Don’t you think some sausage would be a great substitute for, oh, I don’t know, say the bell pepper?”. 301 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

French Fridays with Dorie: Quiche Maraichere

Confession time again: I ate the first piece of this vegetable filled quiche standing over the stove. My regular diet does not contain a lot of dairy, so the smell of creamy custard and melting Gruyere cheese was almost intoxicating. 355 more words

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