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From Soup to Nuts - A French Fridays Catch Up

I wandered down the Drive this evening, armed with an umbrella and a needlessly puffy raincoat, taking one final look to see if Jerusalem artichokes had shown up in the market. 858 more words


roasted jerusalem artichokes with garlic {ffwd}

I’m thinking that this October French Fridays with Dorie is running an “ugliest vegetable” pageant. Two weeks ago, it seemed clear that celery root was a clear winner, but with this week’s introduction to Jerusalem artichokes, there’s some competition! 373 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

sea devil, carrots, and a new veggie

I got a bit of a late start with the October recipes, but with this post I am catching back up with two in one week. 315 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

Roasted Potatoes and Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic

While I was cooking this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe I started to think about my first┬ájob as a psychologist.
About 20 years ago I joined an innovative and dynamic team at one of the best hospitals in Sydney. 373 more words

double celery soup and a roadtrip

Probably sounds like an odd combination and they are not in fact really connected. Except for the fact that we got back from our trip to Slovakia and Poland last weekend and last week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Celery-Celery Soup was the first thing on the menu. 332 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

(not) monkfish and double carrots {ffwd}

Another week of French Fridays with a recipe that I found uninspiring on the page: Monkfish and Double Carrots. I even postponed making it until Friday’s dinner. 476 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

FFWD - Sablefish with Double Carrots

One of the things you learn when taking part in a virtual cooking club is that there’s no such thing as universal. I don’t just mean time zones or even seasons, though our… 518 more words