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TAV EXOTIC – French Girls / Ringworm 7″ (Lexi012)

Two songs Mike and I recorded while we were living in what used to be a forest keeper’s house, right next to a forest museum in Groenendaal, Belgium. 77 more words

Bear Bones Lay Low

Adv. in SYD #4 Mini Mount in Manly

Being Sunday, everyone was home, so it was time to Wow my family. I took over the kitchen and made les Crêpes. Ham and cheese with Maple Syrup… not the real-real stuff, of course, but it would do. 567 more words


Week 6 - Activity - Drawing (French Girls)

This week’s activity was definitely one of the one’s I had enjoyed doing. I may not be much of an artist but if I do have a pen and paper in hand there’s a slight chance I may start doodling in the margins of the paper. 152 more words


Week 6 - Activity - Drawing

I didn’t have the best experience using this application. I started a drawing on Thursday morning after my class. Sitting at the dorms, minding my own business, doodling away. 240 more words


This week our class had to use the app French Girls to have people draw picture of us. I don’t have an iphone/ipad so I had to improvise. 30 more words


Activity week 6!

   This week I was so scared when I found out that I had to do something that involved drawing but I knew that I could hopefully try to not draw like a five year old. 168 more words

Class Activity * Draw me like one of your " French Girls app" * Wk 6

This app has got to be one of the best applications the have out in the market. Basically, it lets you draw other people based of their selfless and others could draw you too ! 220 more words

Class Activity