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Unveiling Gender Equality

A “fear of Islam” has swept through European countries thanks in part to a large influx of Muslim immigrants and a rising birth rate for Muslim families in the last decade ( 573 more words

#Muslim preachers in #France may be forced to take diploma

Foreign imams could be obliged to hold an officially recognised religious qualification before being allowed to preach.

Muslim men take part in an outdoor prayer session on Place de la Madeleine in Paris. 844 more words


Très Bien: French Government Buys Airy Greenwich Village Perch for $4.3 M.

The French government has, of late, been all vendre, vendre vendre when it comes to New York real estate, cashing in on the country’s sprawling co-op at the superlative 740 Park ($71 million to the coffers back home) and listing 1143 Fifth Avenue, a handsome brick and limestone building at E. 417 more words

If it's legal, is it ethical?

Different countries – different cultures and each of them tries to keep its individuality and cultural values. But what about immigrants? They also have their own cultures and traditions which in most cases are different from the hosts’ countries. 386 more words

France Says Conditions Still Not Met to Deliver Warship to Russia


PARIS — France said on Thursday that the conditions were not yet met to deliver the first of two controversial Mistral warships to Russia, contradicting reports that Russia had received an invitation to take delivery on Nov. 139 more words

Which democratic country's president has the most constitutional power? France, probably.

Americans love reminding themselves ad nauseam, especially during presidential election years or after West Wing binge-watching, that their president is the “most powerful person in the world!” There’s an argument to be had about that, but if it is true, it would only be because the president is the leader of arguably the most influential country in the world. 958 more words


The One Who Got Her Visa Stolen and Is At War with France

Below is a slightly comical, play-by-play of how my passport and visa were stolen, as well the steps I’ve had to take in order to replace everything and successfully conquer and defeat the French Bureaucracy. 3,224 more words