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France’s new government : shuffling the deck or something more?

As most readers probably know by now, the French government has changed. Not through an election but because of one, namely last Sunday’s municipal elections. It may be a good idea to evaluate the new deal. 1,118 more words


2014 Municipal Elections Results

The second round of the 2014 French Municipal Elections concluded tonight. Haven’t been following the coverage? Check out our map to see who won in which cities and to find out which cities changed hands. 52 more words

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Writing Day: March 23 - Fluidity

Switching points of view again to Samantha! And onto the fourth part of Fluidity (check out the first three parts here). So far writing every four days has been a bit easier to do than three times a day, and mixing that with school and book reviews- let’s just say it keeps life interesting on the flip-side. 634 more words

English Short Stories

Everything You Need to Know About this Weekend's French Municipal Elections in One Map

The French municipal elections are this weekend. Haven’t been following the coverage? Take a look at our map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across the country! 89 more words

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A Stay Against Corruption

Today’s verb: Se ressourcer.  Rediscover one’s roots, find new energy.  (definition Larousse)

Look.  These are not the best of times here on the east side of the Channel.  537 more words

2014-2015 SAFe Think Bursary Programme

French government in partnership with South African think tanks is offering full bursaries for South African or Lesotho students. These SAFe Think Bursaries are allocated for the duration of a French academic year, i.e. 19 more words

French Government Taxing the Rich by Christian Steiner

Can you imagine working extremely hard for your salary, whether it is from entertaining millions or being a CEO of a business, and then giving three quarters of your pay-check to the government?