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Which democratic country's president has the most constitutional power? France, probably.

Americans love reminding themselves ad nauseam, especially during presidential election years or after West Wing binge-watching, that their president is the “most powerful person in the world!” There’s an argument to be had about that, but if it is true, it would only be because the president is the leader of arguably the most influential country in the world. 958 more words


The One Who Got Her Visa Stolen and Is At War with France

Below is a slightly comical, play-by-play of how my passport and visa were stolen, as well the steps I’ve had to take in order to replace everything and successfully conquer and defeat the French Bureaucracy. 2,932 more words


France says can not deliver first helicopter carrier to Russia #France #Russia

A young boy holds a sign during a demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Kyiv on July 22, 2014, to protest against the sale of Mistral-class warships to Russia.  238 more words