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Ten Facts You Should Know About the (French) Horn

By Jacy Burroughs

1.  Why is it called the French horn? There is some confusion over the correct name of this instrument.   Most non-English speaking countries do not use the nationalistic adjective. 1,630 more words

Music Education

Cuivre! Performs at Atwater Baptist Church

On April 6, 2014, Cuivre! gave a concert at the Atwater Baptist Church. The program lasted about 50 minutes and included a wide variety of horn repetoire, as well as a selection of audience sing-along hymns: 541 more words


10th April 2014

Horn Practice Must Be Only 10min For The new player (ipad Finger Drawing)

Moving Figure Drawings

Horn - Part 1 - Introduction and Species

The introduction and species chapter for the Horn will be far shorter than that for any other instrument.  The reason for this is that there is only a single instrument we call the Horn.  1,036 more words



I’ve played an instrument since 4th grade. I first started with trumpet, because it’s “easy to pick up and fun to play.” But because of my hand, I had to play it left-handed- this both kind of hurt (because a trumpet isn’t made for my wrong hand’s smushed fingers against the valve) and seriously pissed off my bad conductor in middle school. 671 more words

Cerebral Palsy

My orchestra!

Alumni orchestra! Though I need to make a lot effort in order to ‘free’ myself to join this rehearsal, it is really worth it. Look! That is my French horn teacher in my primary days. He is 78!


Hand-Carved Music Stamps

I have become a little addicted to carving my own stamps recently!