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Escalation – Make the Intent Clear…”I’m Going For It”

Okay so if I were to analyse a weakness within myself, I would say that initially I can be a little shy, whether that’s in social situations, starting a new job and in this context, approaching women. 707 more words

Personal Growth


Dear Moi Idiot,

Did you not know that all that glitters is not always gold? He was tall, dark, seriously handsome and wait for it…French (I could continue this list but it still wouldn’t be doing him justice!) Of course you must’ve known that there would have to be a little hiccup along the way.  832 more words

7 Rules for Kissing the French

As much as Americans love to give hugs (particularly in the South) the French love to kiss and be kissed.  When greeting one another you will see men, women, and children kiss one another.  462 more words


3 Bachelor party ideas

Bachelor party is the most important segment of the marriage. You can even say – it is more curial than the marriage itself, after all, this is the celebration of the end of bachelorhood. 186 more words