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French Kissing Is WAY More Disgusting Than We Thought (According To Science)

As a child, the thought of sticking your tongue in to another person’s mouth is pretty gross. Yet, as you get older, and puberty kicks in, you shirk those initial feelings and do it. 160 more words


The gay mafia

LEFT-WING television pundit Bill Maher has criticized what he dubs the “gay mafia.”

He was, of course, referring to those who “take offense” at most anything while crouching behind the protective walls of their constant-victim status. 320 more words


Rules of Etiquette : Part 1 Do not kiss a Brit

As you well know , it is standard common practice to kiss upon greeting  an individual: be it a family member , a friend or an acquaintance . 522 more words

Do's And Dont's

Wanda Says...On my daughter's opinion of French kissing.

Last night my ten year old daughter came into my room to say good-night to me, and she initiated a conversation about some new and enlightening things she learned at school that day. 444 more words


The HeArt of Kissing

A French Kiss…

French kissing, or making out, is kissing with open mouths and touching tongues…that is the clinical way of describing a French kiss.. 342 more words

French Kissing

Making Out With Mr. Reaper

Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, I have never been familiar with or a fan of strenuous outdoor activities. I love any body of water, am a certified SCUBA diver, and have my boating license, but before traveling abroad I’d never stepped foot on a mountain or spent any considerable amount of time exercising outside. 658 more words


Sexy Blackjack

I asked her if she wanted to play a sexy game.  She agreed and we started the search for the playing cards.  In ours sexy cabinet in our nightstand we have a few things that we hardly ever use, like handcuffs, dildo, sexual position cards, and some lube.  240 more words