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Brocante bargains

A freezing visit to our local weekly brocante market in Albi brought some great rewards, it was worth braving the cold as i founds lots of lovely bargains all for €1 each, yes its like my very own pound shop in France, well i say pound but the euro is worth so little at the moment soon i will have to say the 50p shop. 245 more words

French Life

Amphibian emergency escape route installed

I have posted several times about our old well that is just outside our patio doors (The old well, The well in winter… 422 more words


January days....

Well January is flying by, the days seem to come and go, mind you we have been busy.

No more hoar frosts but still very cold, lots of jumpers and log fires. 224 more words

French Life

The kiss

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss…unless it happens to be a man on the street spontaneously embracing a member of the French national police. 366 more words


They Measure Things Differently Over Here...

There’s a wonderful scene at the beginning of Pulp Fiction where John Travolta explains the ‘little differences’ in Europe to Samuel L Jackson and, in discussing the name of a Quarter Pounder he says, “No man, they got the metric system…” 494 more words

French Life

Arbois Wine

Arbois is a town in the north of the Jura region of eastern France. The wine capital of Jura, it gives its name to the region’s most-prolific appellation for red, white and rose wines – a title which also covers Jura’s famous vin jaune and vin de paille.

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