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Franche-Comte France

The Bourguignons were conquered in 534 by the Merovingien rulers of the Franks and were later absorbed into the Carolingian Empire. In 843 Burgundy was divided between Charles I of France and his brother, Emperor Lothair I.

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Living In France

Why do the French love McDonalds?

Lots of people around the world are completely bemused by the fact that French people want a McDo as it’s affectionately called here in France at all.

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Living In France

French Essence #2 - Wine

A few years ago  we worked for a while with a French estate agent helping to select properties we thought might appeal to potential English buyers.   325 more words


Autumn in France - France in the Fall

In France, Summer does not officially end until the Autumn equinox, on 21st September, but for all intents and purposes, Autumn in France starts at what the French call “la rentrée”, when schools go back and for most people, holidays are over.

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French Region Hopes Open Day Will Cure Doctor Decline

France’s least populated region has come up with an unusual incentive to attract a future generation of doctors.With the number of GPs in France in steady decline, the south-eastern…

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E: A post… FINALLY!

Well it’s official, I suck at keeping up with my blog posts! I think it’s been close to a month now since my last one – I can barely remember what I wrote, or what I said I would write! 680 more words

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