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Basics of French Cooking - How to Cook French Food

There are numerous complex tricks that French chefs employ to get their famous cuisine to look and taste just so. The key is to learn their basic cooking methods. 70 more words

French Life

Long-lasting entente cordiale

Yesterday, it was our friend Michèle’s 75th birthday. As the birthday girl is rather partial to a rum baba, I took her one from our village  359 more words

Small things

It’s one of the oddities of French life that you can very rarely find spring onions (scallions to our American cousins). Partly this is due to the super-local and super-seasonal nature of the vegetables available, but even when in season, they show their faces for only a few days, before being superseded by larger, milder white onions. 50 more words

One man went to mow....and we went a sowing

After five weeks of no rain and stunning weather Easter Sunday was a day of rain, rain and even more rain, the garden loved it we hated it but hey we can’t complain. 159 more words

French Life

la belle vie... work, parenting, and more

there has been a brisk response, sometimes derisory, to the recent announcement that France has banned work e-mails after six p.m.  it’s not strictly true, actually, as it only applies to ‘forfait jour,’ or temporary contract workers, but it certainly got the rest of the world thinking about the French attitude to the working week, especially as it came on the heels of what may be just about the most offensive Cadillac advert ever. 700 more words


Inappropriately dressed

Those who know me know I have a faulty thermostat. I’m hardly ever too warm, and can become what Yorkshire people describe as ‘frozen daft’ in a matter of minutes, then taking hours to defrost and warm up. 620 more words

Enough gardening, let's go for lunch!

On Saturday it was too good to stay in so we decided to go to Pons for lunch.

We had lunch on the restaurant balcony overlooking the old Donjon and then walked down to the river to see if we could spot any Kingfishers. 346 more words