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Translator: Timothy Nassau | Author: Léo Malet | Work: Il fait toujours nuit / La vie est dégueulasse | Original Language: French | Genre: Fiction

J’étais comme Marcel, en ce qui concernait cette môme. J’aurais aimé contempler sa photo, savoir qu’elle était belle. Elle devait être belle, il le fallait. Avec sa pauvre petite robe, sa pauvre petite robe de pauvre, décorée de jolies taches de sang, elle était étendue, les jambes écartées, sur un tas de charbon, des scories dans ses cheveux blonds, son ventre de vierge pénétré d’une semence de mort, chaude et coupante, lancée par des trouffions gorgés de gnôle.

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Les Misérables Symposium at the State Library of Victoria

Symposium: Around Les Misérables: people and spaces

Discover the world that created Les Misérables in an afternoon symposium at the State Library of Victoria! 165 more words


Young Directors on my BLOG

It’s always interesting to get comments and respond to them once I do a post on my blog. And I have enjoyed that luxury thanks to many a fellow bloggers, and some of them great personalities, such as published authors, Short film directors and famed film critics. 217 more words

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Book Review - The Invitation by Claude Simon

French Nobel Laureate Claude Simon earned the reputation as one of the more challenging authors of the “New Novel” movement. In 1987’s The Invitation he addressed the new direction of Russian government following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 743 more words

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Duality of Silence

In The World of Silence, Max Picard quotes Goutran de Procius’s Kablina, where he sums up so lucidly the duality of silence, that tension between rapture and fear familiar to anyone that chooses to spend long periods of immersion in silence. 256 more words

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The Red and Black by Stendhal

I should probably start with the obligatory note about this works importance in literary history: many scholars consider this to be the first realist novel. It’s a novel intensely interested in describing the psychological drama of its characters, especially Julien, our lower class educated protagonist. 876 more words