France: Why did the alleged tiger cross the road?

MONTEVRAIN, France (AP) — A reported tiger on the loose near Disneyland Paris crossed a major highway and slinked past a gas station Friday, still eluding the 200 French police and military forces trying to hunt it down. 449 more words


Today in France videos of evil clowns have met with a certain success. We can see clowns crushing the head of a body down on the soil with a huge mass. 189 more words


Opinion: Fan safety should always be paramount

It should always be of the upmost importance that football fans be kept safe before, during and after any football match that they attend.

Whether it be a 65 year old veteran home fan, or a young supporter attending his or her very first away match, the safety of fans have to be the number one priority for those in a position to keep the peace. 359 more words

Tom Power