Opinion: Fan safety should always be paramount

It should always be of the upmost importance that football fans be kept safe before, during and after any football match that they attend.

Whether it be a 65 year old veteran home fan, or a young supporter attending his or her very first away match, the safety of fans have to be the number one priority for those in a position to keep the peace. 359 more words

Tom Power

French Police Found 9 Pounds Of Cocaine In Vatican Car

By Jordy Altman

Police in France are up to their noses in cocaine and all eyes are on the Vatican. Just last week, French police officers found copious amounts of cocaine… 226 more words


Sometimes The Best Thing to Do is Let Someone Choke

“French Police. Open up!”

I had shoved the remaining fish bone into my mouth and looked about for some means of escape. The only other opening seemed to be the stove and I didn’t think that led anywhere except to The Very Terrifying Underworld which isĀ  1,299 more words