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Work adverse French are working too hard

Did you hear about that article in the Guardian about the French government passing a law that means workers are not allowed to do any work after 6 pm… 420 more words


France: Left Demonstrates Against 'Socialist' Austerity Today.

The Front de gauche, the  nouveau parti anticapitaliste (NPA), the left of the Greens (EELV) – against their party’s official refusal to participate, many trade union bodies, and civil society organisations (over 200), are marching today against the Austerity policies of Prime Minister Manuel Valls and President François Hollande. 177 more words

European Left

Is French Parti Socialiste (still) a party of activists?

What a crazy week at Solferino (the PS national headquarters) and inside the French government. On this Tuesday, new junior ministers were appointed to join the Valls government. 485 more words

French Politics

Alain Finkielkraut, France's Peter Hitchins, elected to Académie française.

New Low for Académie française.

I suppose any institution claiming to represent the heights of French culture that includes  former French President and mediocrity Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (still, amazingly, alive, though it’s often hard to tell)  lacks, shall we say, … 310 more words

French Politics

France 2014 (R2)

The second round of municipal elections were held in France on March 30, 2014. The second round of voting concerned all communes whose municipal councils were not elected by the first round. 21,456 more words

Regional And Local Elections

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Following the Municipal elections in France, here is a rundown of the results in English. For those interested...

Revolutionary comfort. The Jacobins must be spinning in their graves...

The new campaign that is being launched by Air France to American consumers juxtaposes two incongruous terms: “revolutionary” and “comfort.” This marketing ploy would have been inoffensive, if the artist had not coiffed the model with a revolutionary… 48 more words

Revolution Now

Eric Pickles Fights 'Militant Atheists'. A Militant Secularist Reply.

Militant atheists should ‘get over it’ and accept Britain is a ‘Christian nation’, according to communities secretary Eric Pickles.

Having previously introduced laws that ensure parish councils can avoid legal challenges for holding prayers in public meetings, Pickles this weekend urged non-believers to avoid imposing their ‘politically correct intolerance’ on others.

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