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Poisson d’avril: who’s foolin’ who?

We can pinch and punch as much as we like, but April Fools’ Day belongs to the French.

There are several theories as to how it came about. 123 more words


Le Petit Châtelet, "une belle surprise" as the French would say!

I have a problem.  No matter what people say, I am CONVINCED that restaurants in heavily touristic areas serve BS.  When I see the “Traditional French food” or “English menu available” signs, I just wanna run the other way.  1,412 more words


Transports and travelling

partir en voyage d’affaires
partir en vacances
telephoner a l’agence de voyages
faire la queue au guichet      queue at the counter
acheter/prendre un billet
billet d’avion… 73 more words


A call to order: cheese vs dessert

Politics and religion are two things that should be avoided as part of polite dinner party conversation, etiquette books decree. However, there’s a third subject that continues to divide diners: when to serve cheese. 228 more words

Food And Wine

Chez Mémé, a lot more style than content

Some friends in the fashion industry took me to a hip and trendy restaurant called Chez Mémé near the posh and funky Etienne Marcel area.  Literally meaning “Granny’s House”, I had heard about this place and was happy to tag along :D… 510 more words


Of snobbery: 5 ways the French actually help out tourists

Sure they come across as old fashioned and dated in their values, but if you’re a hopeless tourist then this tends to fall into your favour. 271 more words


Le Grand Colbert..."The best roast chicken in the world" ?

So many of us have seen that 2003 romantic comedy “Something’s Gotta Give” with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.  There was one particular scene where Erica told Harry that the restaurant… 488 more words