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And the adventure continues...


It’s in my current city, although in the city centre rather than in a town a 30 minute bus ride away and it’s in a café/bar. 648 more words

Monsieur Talkative is just as talkative as I remember

Finally, FINALLY last night, Monsieur Talkative and I had our second date after 6 months due to him misreading signals and not always being in the city at the same time. 855 more words

Rocquefort, Poilâne, and a Frenchman: FWB redux

            This weekend at the Carrousel du Louvre is a wine salon. Naturally, my FWB is attending. He came up last night on the TGV after his interview in Nîmes for a… 1,020 more words

The Day After the Fairytale

Monday in Paris was cold and grey. It felt empty and lonely and I wanted it to be Thursday. I couldn’t help but see FWB everywhere: in the wine shops on streets in my neighborhood, smiling outside my front door like he always does when I see him. 340 more words

Fred Kaston at Snug Harbor on Frenchmen, New Orleans' "Jazz Alley"

Last night we ran into Fred Kaston at Snug Harbor on Frenchmen Street. Kaston’s a regular “on-air talent,” for local New Orleans radio programs focused on jazz. 54 more words

A Fairy Tale in Provence: Part III

On Saturday morning we were lazy and slept in.  That morning when we came up the stairs from the downstairs studio, before we went to the kitchen, I asked him to show me his room.   1,204 more words

Nice treat for a Sunday. French men and cars! ESCAPE from the farm.

I have writers block so thought that I would do a nice easy post with mainly photos, so I did it, and then the bloody internet deleted all the pictures!!!! 925 more words