Take One... or a Dozen Back At Oyster Happy Hour!

Oysters, Oysters, and MORE Oysters! We just can’t seem to get enough of them, and neither can our customers. While certainly their fun and trendy names have helped their growth in the market, there are several of reasons why these bivalves are rapidly growing in popularity. 433 more words

Euclid Fish


Story – Fish in better beer batter

Adapted from a recipe by ChefSteps. Ingredients: The Brine

  • 1 liter Water 150 grams Salt 100 grams Sugar The Beer Batter 280 milliliters Beer 25 milliliters Vodka 200 grams Cake Flour 8 grams Salt 5 grams Baking soda…
  • 208 more words

when you're not eating rationed food at my hotel, food in phuket is GLORIOUS

As I’ve mentioned previously, the chefs in my hotel are intent on reminding me of the eight pounds I need to lose. For lunch, I was greeted with two ounces of grilled chicken and six French fries in a thimble (you better believe I counted them). 319 more words


The Quaint Little Town Of Steveston

As I have mentioned before, one of the changes that I had hoped for in our lives was that we would get out more and enjoy the sights and scenery around us rather than hanging around the house watching TV or playing on the computer. 408 more words

Silvers RDW 10 Kg

Silvers RDW 10kg
Silvers  RDW 20kg

Fresh Fish