Spicy twisted mackerel

We regularly buy fish from our favourite fishmonger in the Old Manama Suq every other weekend and last Friday was no exception. This time, it was the turn of the Mackerel. 274 more words

Inspired Food

Tiger Prawn Risotto

Upgrade your frozen prawn risotto to this mouth watering fresh fish delight. Don’t get me wrong, i do use frozen prawns for fish pies, thai noodles etc, but its nice to treat yourself every once and a while to some fresh shellfish. 319 more words

Savoury Eats

Fresh Salmon for supper!

Everyone has a fall back recipe.  Something easy and fast to throw together.  I was going to use mine tonight and have ravioli on salad. May sound weird but hear me out.   309 more words

SASSI Supporting sustainable seafood

Having run a small inland restaurant for almost a decade we became very aware of the effect of irresponsible sea fishing. For some years we served fresh fish each Thursday. 1,129 more words

Author Peter Hall

A Kefalonian Summer photo post!

Here are some summery photos… can you guess where these places are? Not necessarily on Kefalonian land…


Changing the World, One Can of Tuna at a Time

Change is the one constant in life. One day you are eating canned tuna; the next you are dining on fresh salmon grilled to perfection on a cedar plank on your backyard deck. 691 more words

Gary Conkling

Review: Le Monde, Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to one of the launch nights of a new restaurant in Birmingham, Le Monde Fish Bar & Grill . 395 more words