A Kefalonian Summer photo post!

Here are some summery photos… can you guess where these places are? Not necessarily on Kefalonian land…


Changing the World, One Can of Tuna at a Time

Change is the one constant in life. One day you are eating canned tuna; the next you are dining on fresh salmon grilled to perfection on a cedar plank on your backyard deck. 691 more words

Gary Conkling

Review: Le Monde, Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to one of the launch nights of a new restaurant in Birmingham, Le Monde Fish Bar & Grill . 395 more words


Local Food

Waking up to eating local food as much as possible happened when I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She tells the story of a year in her family’s life when they moved from Arizona to a family farm that had long been abandoned in southern Appalachia.   536 more words


Dill filled Mackerel

Finally the time is here to go home for my summer visit and vacation in Sweden. Our summer house is located close to the water on the west coast of Sweden . 165 more words

What's Cooking

Reel It In: Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

When it comes to buying fish, many tread in murky waters. Having a procedure and knowing what to look for when scanning your options is key in selecting fish that is fresh and fine to eat. 235 more words

Bite Me More

Crown Fish Company, Seafood Industry Icons

Crown Fish Company, an iconic seafood industry wholesaler based in the New Fulton Fish Market, imports nearly one-third of New York’s shrimp by truck, boat and plane. 391 more words