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Autumn bloom...

It happened at that moment when she was vulnerable…it happened at that moment when he was masochist. Everything was numb and quiet. Only sound was the rhythimic beating of heart. 23 more words

That Confused Voice

I’d like to believe that many of us are in the stage wherein when asked, “Do you love your special someone, your dearest friend, your parents not just because their being around makes you happy?”, we have more or less the experience and conviction to answer, “Why yes, I love them in a sense that I acknowledge them as unique individuals and that their growth and happiness is important to me. 665 more words


Have you ever met someone new and to strike up conversation they ask, “So what’s your story?” I’m sure you have. We have all been asked this at least once in our lives. 366 more words

Blogging 101

My New Spirit Animal is the Camel

It’s been a couple of weeks since I made my amazing winter coat investment purchase, and yes I have been lacklustre in my blogging efforts recently. 284 more words


That time my daughter found Nemo--then ate him (A Freshly Pressed Encore by Ned Hickson)

Happy Monday!

You are in for a real treat today as my awesome blogger buddy, Ned Hickson, fills in for me. Ned is a syndicated columnist with… 579 more words

Adventures In Imperfection

Boy From Zabzugu

I have a bed of plantain leaves on the streets
I beg before I eat
My strong odour tells them where I’m from
Bless the souls of those who recommend soap…
113 more words

Letters To Mortals

7's: week twenty six [Poem: Our Eyes]

I wrote this poem earlier this year
And think this Thanksgiving week
is a good time to share

Our eyes

Our eyes
Have the humanity… 227 more words