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I Dream of WordPress

Last night was pretty restless for me. I must have restless body syndrome though because I woke up with no problem (except for the usual one of setting my alarm later and later, but that is besides the point entirely) but according to my roommate, I mumbled for a lot of the night in my sleep. 161 more words

Life In General

Thought of The Day (Wednesday Wisdom)

There are many hard lessons we have to learn in life but once we reach the end of each specific lesson we realize the path was hard for a reason. 89 more words


Well! My, My!

This past Sunday, Easter Sunday, was a white affair. White gloves and white hat. That’s what little girls are made of. If I was little, I would even have white shoes. 52 more words

Let's Talk People!

The Gospel of Mom - The Beginning

In the beginning Mom created a schedule.

The children were rowdy however and Mom needed a break, and so Mom said, “Let there be light.” 54 more words



this small piece of writing is about a silly hope. Holidays just started and as usual, I have nothing to do. I don’t even care to scum up a pic about this. 287 more words

Tuesday's Love Jones - The Process of Trust!

Trust can seem like a four letter word after a bad breakup!  No one deserves to be hurt, whether that hurt comes in the form of neglect, emotional or physical abuse, but once you are out of the bad relationship, the healing process may be the biggest hill you will ever cross in your life, but you can do it! 375 more words

Tuesday’s Love Jones (TLj)