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First of Two Days...

Yesterday was the first of the two days I dislike the most in the month I dislike the most… It’s been 3 years (8/20/2011) since my Father has been gone but I would give anything to have 30 years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds to not say what he meant to me but show him. 206 more words


New blog, more snark, lots o' fun

Good morning!

I’ve launched a new blog/magazine project – Road & Trash.

It’s devoted to reviews of the terrible (and occasionally not-so terrible) cars we’ve all had to drive throughout life. 32 more words

Useless Ranting

Hanging curtains

When you hang curtains on your windows, do you hang them so they are flush with the window frame, or so they are above, or all the way up to the ceiling?

Just Curious

to be "freshly pressed."

so i was reading up on how it happens, right. i get to a section on tips that will help make a blogger more likely to be featured—i.e. 62 more words


If I Stay:In Review

If I Stay by Gayle Forman takes the readers on a journey to decide whether the main character Mia should leave the world she knows behind or continue with her life. 123 more words

With everything in between


I have not collapsed from malnourishment or anything (vegan misconception. Hehe)

I am alive, kicking, and ready to update this site!

As you all know, 42 more words