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The Coffee Break. 19 September 2014.

Hello folks;

Earlier today an article surfaced on CBC news.ca detailing the CRTC (that is Canada’s regulatory body for Television, radio, and telecommunications), wrapping up its final day of hearings with representatives from Netflix urging the body not to regulate the internet for sake of competition and innovation. 470 more words


1995 Ford Taurus LX Wagon - The White Whale

And so it begins – The inaugural post here on Road & Trash. First up, a 1995 Ford Taurus LX wagon.

Born of a perceived need for cargo space and comfort in the marketplace, combined with absolutely no ambition, direction, or commitment toward meeting such a need, the 1995 Ford Taurus wagon comes on like a fever dream and ends like a mechanical, electronic, and functional nightmare. 821 more words


exclamations in celebration of my 200th post!

(Apologies in advance to exclamation point haters – I know you’re out there! Please make an exception just this once, for I can find no other punctuation to adequately express my excited state!) 616 more words

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Freshly Pressed to Felicia's Picks: Last Week

Although I have completed this list last week, it seems as if I have forgotten to publish this post. So here’s Felicia’s Picks from last week. 187 more words

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The Greatest

The question has plagued humanity almost from the very beginning: “Who is the greatest?”  That is really the conflict that arose between Cain and his brother Abel, is it not? 1,247 more words