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hey guys, this is Sophy.

I am a university freshman student in architecture, however, due to the new curriculum, i don’t exactly have much to do in school now. 94 more words

Blog Introduction

Sleep and Expectations

You know, college would be a lot easier for me if I could keep my eyes open past 10:30 p.m. on any given night of the week. 418 more words


Making Friends on the First Day

Starting college as a freshman can be a little nerve wrecking and scary. You may be concerned with making friends, fitting in, or just adjusting academically. 349 more words


Lights out: The Darkness of Collegiate Suicide

The power of depression is real. It’s hauntingly real. It’s always there, lurking in the darkness, waiting to grab you when the lights go out. So¬†you try to keep the lights on as much as possible, but it takes energy, so much energy. 692 more words


Back at it

Hello friends!

I have been back at school for two weeks. So far things are going okay.

I live in my sorority house now, which is very nice and the food is SO much better than the dorms. 281 more words

Living at Home and Community College

Don’t Worry Mom, it’s just another 4 years…That’s what I told my Mom when I mentioned I would be living at home during my college years. 1,050 more words


New on Campus

Books, parties, new people, these are just a few of the challenges of being a freshman at college or university. As some of my dedicated readers would know I finished high school in 2014 and have recently started university. 221 more words

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