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Two weeks to go!


Almost time to move in and kick off freshman year!!


Facing the 5 freshman fears of college

College is a new place, a new beginning. You’re excited but worried at the same time, which is completely understandable. In the list below you’ll see how some fears are unfounded, and how others may not even be fears at all!


Error: Communication Unclear

The thing I worry about most when entering into my freshman year of college is going into school blind and, metaphorically, in the dark. There is a lot about college that is different and scary. 285 more words

Pre College

Won't Remain Quiet!

For many rising college students their summer orientation is when everything is set up for the upcoming school year. Important things like deciding your freshman classes are done at orientation. 482 more words

Pre College

What's up guys?!

Wow, so I know I haven’t posted in a long time, but here’s a little update:


So, basically what I’ve been thinking about is, where is this blog going? 60 more words

3AM Fire Alarm

College Student: There’s nothing quite like that first 3AM fire alarm, due to some stupid freshman attempting french fries, for you to appreciate the magic of McDonald’s.

Dialogue Scraps


I have been blessed with some fairly good genes however I am aware that if I do let myself go I do end up as a fairly round figure. 481 more words