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We Have Transport!!

Yes, mum has bought a car purely so that she can take me to new and exciting places (obviously).  Apparently the flowers came from work but I think the car gave them to her :) 139 more words


Hey, Metalheads Like Kittens Too

I’ll admit, among my group of friends I’ve often given myself the inevitable moniker of “Crazy Cat Lady” when referencing my future. Despite the fact that I don’t particularly like or own any cats, it sometimes seems to be a fitting glimpse of my life ahead when I’m throwing a pity party for one. 263 more words

Marlo M/c

Playshop Live

I went to this regular Friday night live comedy show at the Paramount Theatre – well last Friday night.

It is an improvisation style of thing and its funny, live, unrehearsed, and has audience participation. 95 more words

Show Review


Sigrblót is one of the “three greatest blessings of the year” mentioned in the Ynglinga saga, celebrated “for victory”. First Day of Summer in old Calendar (Sacred to Odin) and beginning of the campaign season.


Masquerade Masks

Freya is too young to wear the masks, so she gets one on her shirt.

Masquerade Mask

The Last Standoff, Book Three

Book Three of The Hunter Archives will be available in the next couple days!