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Sigrblót is one of the “three greatest blessings of the year” mentioned in the Ynglinga saga, celebrated “for victory”. First Day of Summer in old Calendar (Sacred to Odin) and beginning of the campaign season.


Masquerade Masks

Freya is too young to wear the masks, so she gets one on her shirt.

Masquerade Mask

The Last Standoff, Book Three

Book Three of The Hunter Archives will be available in the next couple days!


Working With The Gods: Freyja

Most deities have their own preferences, either in food or drink, even in colors, tools, weapons etc. whatever you can think of. But it is hard to know in detail what are the things they prefer, we just have to be very attentive to the things that surround each deity and the way they behave towards those same things. 177 more words

Working With The Gods

Getting Ready for Easter

And I found a way to turn myself into a cartoon!!!  You can all have a go here!



My words have
Lost their wit,
Though my soul
Is scarred
In the heavens of
My muse has forsaken
To tend, perhaps, other… 20 more words


Pretty D+ Bras for Spring

Now that April is here, and my thoughts are turning to Spring cleaning, brighter days, warmer temperatures, and budding flowers, I’m beginning to cast a stern and appraising eye at my lingerie drawer. 806 more words