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Love notes from Freya, 7/31/14

Sing! Dance! Laugh! Play! Crops are growing, the earth is singing! Feel the warmth of the sunlight; bask in its presence. The earth is vibrant and alive, and so are you.

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elementary os luna/freya - my thoughts

A lot’s been said about elementary os & right now just about everybody is on the edge of their seats waiting for freya to come out at some point. 347 more words

Don't trust your Gods? Make them bigger.

Along with everything else I do, I’m a member of a 12-step program. No, it’s not AA; there are literally hundreds of other 12-step programs out there. 1,542 more words


Why Freya Makes Me Cry

Started out writing a post about the love notes, ended up writing the “why she makes me cry post”. It is what it is….

I “check in” with Freya every day–kind of like I check my email–to see if She has any words of inspiration to pass on. 1,044 more words


Defining 'Meaning'

This is something I have struggling with in my life.

For instance; in Art and English classes, the teachers often tell us to ‘define’ what a particular piece of work ‘means’ or ‘says’ to us. 140 more words


Facets of Freya

I’ve updated my “About Me” page to include a section on the many facets of Freya. Here is the material that I’ve added (and a good writeup it is, if I do say so myself): 528 more words


Freya Fan-Tastic Half-Cup

Základní informace:
velikost: 28FF
pořízení: prosinec 2013
střih: half-cup (vyztužený)
délka obvodu nenatažená: 64 cm
délka obvodu natažená: 75 cm
výška kostic mezi prsy: 6,5 cm… 282 more words