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My problem

After writing last night’s blog, I had a little bit of an “oh crap” moment.

It has to do with the hereafter, which is not a topic I typically worry about. 419 more words

General Paganism

Part 27 - Secrets of the Heldrakai

“So the dead told you that we were coming?” Jala asked incredulously.

“They are necromancers Jala, you needn’t sound so surprised.” Replied Kru.

“Talking to the dead I can believe.” said Jala “It’s the fact that they’d be talking about us that I find hard to swallow.” 1,193 more words


Hymn to Freyja, 1, by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Freyja, 1, by Rebecca Buchanan

Sea-bright daughter of Njord

Flaxen-haired wife of Odr

forever mourning

lashes glittering

with gold-rich tears

wandering mountains… 20 more words


Freya Dedication contract

The last few weeks I’ve seen an uptick in my post on the Dedication Feast I threw when I officially Dedicated to Freya back in April. 802 more words


So I went to Church with my family yesterday

And while I still love the church community, I cannot bring myself to love their god. His presence was like… acid. It was like a toxin in my veins, and I wasn’t expecting that. 423 more words

General Paganism

Love notes from Freya, 7/20/14

Life is a gamble. It’ s a game we play. Some will win, some will lose. When you lose, think of this: what can I do now, now that this other choice has been taken from me?

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