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Spirit Leaves Continues.....

I have been recieving all your mail guys and I have started on the sequel to Spirit Leaves. The fact you want to know what happens in the end is awesome and the characters will only develop as the story progresses. 13 more words

"Following Freya", by Cara Freyasdaughter

Following Freya


Her long golden hair

Swings hypnotically

As I follow

My Lady into Vanaheim.


Round hips beckon

And gyrate, dancing to the beat… 424 more words


"If I Were to Die in Battle", by Muninns Kiss

It’s been a while since I added some new poetry, so I’ll probably add a couple today :)


If I Were to Die in Battle… 115 more words


Bra Measurements:Bra Measuring

I decided to write a blog about Bra Measurements and Bra Measuring. They may sound very similar but they are completely different things. Bra Measurements are the set sizes that the Bra are made in for example I am a 38FF, so my back size is 38 inches and my cup size is FF. 541 more words


-time flies-


time flies

whether you bother

having fun

or not-

the days whiz by,

and while you’re busy

fixing up

the shambles 0f your

life, 41 more words


"Talking" with the Gods

A quick note to clarify what I mean when I say I’ve “talked” with the Gods… 780 more words

Love Notes From Freya

Review of Freya Ada

Tattoo print? Yes, please!

I have been lusting over this bra for two years.

Brand: Freya

Model: Ada Plunge (1351) 

Similar Models: Ignite, Tara, Morning Meadow, Beau Plunge, Zara, Let’s Twist Again… 213 more words