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Making Fabulous Fashion for a Fabulous Fashionista

My oh my , how I’ve been busy! I’ve barely had time to breathe since I started on this path of making wearable art for the wonderful woman  and… 234 more words

Making Things


Wonderment #1

Water rushes, tickling feet with sand.
Gilgamesh relaxes by the sea.
Purple Echinacea sends a cone into rain.
Chopin laughs and strokes his polonaise. 93 more words


On the importance of mindfulness (and a well-tweezed brow)

I went to reach for my eyebrow tweezers today because my eyebrows have recently joined the “I heart Frida Kahlo” club (low blow, I know) and I don’t have the time/money/patience for a waxing. 510 more words

Frida Kahlo: 'A Ribbon and a Bomb'

The artist Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) was a Mexican painter, perhaps best known for her self portraits.

Although known for her combining of colorful and traditional Mexican dress, the artist also liked to challenge gender convention. 251 more words

Yipee!! Eff-ingly yours

Finally,I  have a blog !!

Talk about the worst of procrastination ,I’ve been contemplating to start blogging since 200.,well,a long time ago.Dunno if a pat should do or a hit on the head would be appropriate for finally crossing – off my resolutions checklist. 298 more words

M is for Marina Abramović

I came across Marina Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present  documentary on my first night in Milan a couple of weeks ago. It was the only english speaking programme that I could find to watch. 478 more words