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Not Giving Up On Us: The Middle of A Strange Love Story

Friday letter to My Kids – 11/21/14

Dear J, J, L and L,

Remember the New Mexico camping misadventure? (Okay, I suppose little L wouldn’t remember since she was still in utero then, but you’ve heard the tale.) I’ve concluded that New Mexico, from what little I recall of it, makes Arizona deserts seem like lush tropical rainforests in comparison. 919 more words


Friday letters

Good morning! I do hope it is a good morning where you are. It’s pretty cold here – I switched to my winter jacket this morning – but it’s not raining at least, which makes a nice change. 235 more words


Friday letters - the little hat edition

Dear Ikea,  I enjoyed my visit last night, particularly as eating in your restaurant was involved.  Normally meatballs aren’t my thing at all, but I do enjoy yours, with the lignonberry sauce, and chips of course.  241 more words


Friday letters - the fireworks edition

Dear Friday,  Well hello, and here we are again.  What a quick week it’s been; this time last week I was at my sister’s house in Perthshire helping with the preparations for, then celebration of, my nephew’s birthday. 270 more words


Friday letters + links

Oh, hello! It seems it’s Friday again already, and we all know what that means…
Well, this week I was back at work as normal again since the train strike was over… and a good job too! 690 more words


Haunted by Dinosaurs and Other Big Scary Things

Friday Letter to My Kids -

Dear J, J, L and L,

You’re gonna think I lost my mind.

I’m haunted today by the movie “Land Before Time.” 761 more words


Friday letters (the train strike edition)

Good morning! I am currently working from home for the second day in a row thanks to the German train drivers’ strike. Surely you must have heard about it? 652 more words