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Friday letters - the Hallowe'en edition

Dear 31st October,  I can’t believe that you have rolled round so quickly.  I’m sure it was the 1st of October just the day before yesterday. 158 more words


Gastroscopy and Friday letters

Hi all! Well, as you may or may not know, I had a gastroscopy last Friday – i.e. a doctor shoved a tube down my throat and into my stomach then used a camera to look at my insides. 403 more words


Friday letters - the glittering edition

Dear glitter,  I am amazed at how far you can spread, and how tenacious you are.  One afternoon in a classroom where two children were using glitter and I don’t think there was one item of my clothing, or one square inch of my skin that was not sparkly at the end of the day.  200 more words


Hot Pink on a Harley

Friday Letter to my Kids-

Dear J, J, L and L,

This weekend marks year four of Big J’s big Harley ride with his hot woman for the annual “ 858 more words

Friday Letters

My Window Escapades

Friday Letter to my Kids -

Dear J, J, L and L,

I used to climb out of my bedroom window when I was younger. 636 more words


Friday letters - the weather free edition

Dear blackbirds,  I really enjoyed listening to you as I walked home from work yesterday.

Dear Asda floor cleaning machine,  Do you just wait for me to arrive before you start cleaning the floors?  194 more words


Friday letters and links

Good morning! I’m working from home again this morning as I have an appointment with the gastroentologist at 12:30 so it wasn’t worth going in to the office. 376 more words