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"Goodbye to Yesterday"

Friday Letter to my Kids  -August 29, 2014-

Dear J, J, L and L,

I hate goodbyes.

Doesn’t matter what kind. Short, long-term, temporary, indefinite. They all bite. 979 more words


Friday letters - the final August edition

Dear August, I can’t believe we have arrived already at the last of your 5 Fridays.  Thanks for providing the extra weekend this year, it has been excellent. 234 more words


At School In Your Underwear?

“Always follow your dream! Unless it’s the one where you’re at school in your underwear during a fire drill.”

~Friday Letter to my Kids~

Dear J, J, L and L,

560 more words

Friday letters and links

Today is my final day at work before a week off… and on Sunday I fly to Taiwan! Very exciting – although I’m not sure I’m looking forward to 13 hours of planes plus four hours of Dubai airport all by myself!. 411 more words


"They Say It's Your Birthday"

Not Just Another Friday Letter To My Kids

Dear J, J, L and L,

It’s my birthday today, which I’m not much thrilled about. I don’t mind adding another year to my rap sheet; it’s just that I don’t like all the hullaballoo and attention. 459 more words


Friday letters: second August edition

Dear Weather, Things are not looking good for our planned birthday barbeque at the weekend. Please could you arrange for all the rain to be over by Sunday and a few warm, sunny spells to take its place. 307 more words


Friday letters

After the debacle that was my attempt to post on my birthday (I hit publosh and the computer just sat there going “posting…” for half an hour, which is when I got mad and gave up!), I’ve managed to find a way back to the old publishing screen, so hopefully this post will actually appear on my screen! 407 more words