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The Magic of Compulsion (Part 1): Red

Consider a game of Truth or Dare. Players gather around in a circle and they would spin a bottle in the middle: whoever gets pointed at by the bottle once it stops spinning gets to do the “penalty” of either having to answer a question truthfully or accomplishing a task dared by the other players. 1,202 more words

Friday Night Magic

Magic: The Gathering Deck

Last Friday, (4/11/2014), I played my first FNM (Friday Night Magic). It was fun. I lost horribly.

It was 4 rounds, there were 22 people or so. 271 more words

Deck Building

Conventions Versus Comic Book Stores

In my experience as a cosplayer, I have heard a lot of diehard cosplayers talk about their love of comic book store cosplays. Although comic conventions can be really fun, they are often overcrowded. 400 more words

Friday Night Magic at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm

Standard begins at 7:00 pm – $5.00

Booster Draft begins at 9:30 pm – $15.00 ($13.50 for YMB members)


The Magic of Compulsion (Intro): Russian Roulette

Before I continue with the story of how Ruhan fared in his first-ever Commander match, I’d like to share a mini-game that I made that’s especially tailored to suit Ruhan’s impulsiveness. 1,281 more words

Friday Night Magic

Moving On

Back in 2009, I took over the management of Abracadabaret (then Friday Night Magic) from its founders, James Biss & Dave Curran (as I’ve written previously… 288 more words

James Alan

FNM - 29/4/13



So I arrive at my LGS for FNM about an hour before we start, for trades and some friendlies etc. I end up playing a game of Jace vs Jace, using the decks from the recent Jace vs Vraska Duel Deck. 833 more words