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Wild West BS

Image credit goes to Santa Fe Ghost and History Tours

Green note: this here’s for SS2 and FF. It’s one of the silliest things you’ll ever read. 1,163 more words

Sunday Scribblings

Flash Friday 25/07/2014: The Spirit is Unwilling

“It’s not as complex as you might think.” Taylor adjusted the tie around his neck. “All we ask is that you get with the modern times. 1,012 more words

Flash Friday

It could have gone like this

Image credit: Found this conquistador here during a search for more  of Steve Epting’s work, but the artist wasn’t identified.  So Steve, if this one’s yours and you happen to see it, please don’t sue me. 681 more words


The Dorley Cycle XVII


First segment

It’s only a siren’s song baby

 Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV

Prelude… 1,102 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Flash Friday 18/07/2014: Piece of Cake

“You sure the boss is gonna like it?” Darren said, as the pair entered the cake shop. “I dunno how to go about buying leaders of gangs cakes, you know?” 668 more words

Flash Friday

Mucha Bravado

Image credit goes to awesome artist, Steve Epting. He’s also an illustrator and he currently works for Marvel Comics.

Green note: La vida loca’s not for me: flying here, being there, mostly incommunicado, barely making deadlines. 1,012 more words


FridayFlash: Going Dark

Dran’s sphere flickered then glowed brightly. Finally, the signal was strong enough for live-talk again. Frantic, he fumbled with it.

“Wheela! What in the stars happened? 1,103 more words

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