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16Sunsets, 13a

#FFC52 I hadn’t planned on doing #FFC52 this week. I followed Miss Alister who had continued D. Paul Angel’s continuation of the first page of my typewriter stream of consciousness flash, … 633 more words

Beginnings Chapter 3 - The Transference

Green note: Mark Gardner started it on a 1949 Remington quiet-riter, D. Paul Angel picked it up and ran with it, and now that I’ve added my bit, the next chapter’s up for grabs. 1,281 more words

Sunday Scribblings

Where Were You?

Where Were You?
D. Paul Angel
750 Words

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake.  This is an autobiographical #FridayFlash of the 16 year old me’s experience of the 6.9 Earthquake. 753 more words


Sacred Threads and Marigolds (2 of 4)

Click to read Part 1 of 4

In a nutshell, Part 1 sees our narrator, Skinner, witness the killing of a young girl by a street preacher who’s also a serial killer. 1,066 more words

Sunday Scribblings

Flash Friday 17/10/2014: Building Character

“Perfect.” Sandra held up the ragged, sack-made clothes against the hero. “Yes, that looks great.”

Without a word, the hero looked down at the clothes, and back up at Sandra with a look of disdain. 929 more words

Flash Friday

Beginnings Chapter 2 -- Overboard

Beginnings — Chapter 2
#FridayFlash Overboard
D. Paul Angel
658 Words

This is a continuation of “Beginnings,” Mark Gardner’s #FridayFlash from 26 September 2014 on his fantastic blog… 753 more words


More Than Words

At the edge of the village, there stood a solitary hut. It was a long way from all the others, and instead of facing the lush riverlands it looked out over the vast, empty plains. 374 more words