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Flash Friday 23/01/2014: Cookies or Ice Cream

His mother said to pick one treat–cookies or ice cream–but he wanted both.

“But you can’t have both,” Susan said. “That’s what people two times your width do.” 587 more words

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Just Physics

Just Physics
D. Paul Angel
200 Words

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…

“I got here as soon as I could, Batman, what’s wrong?” 193 more words


Flash Friday 16/01/2015: Pay The Toll

Anastasia and Tim had only heard tales of the Name Trolls. They believed they were a wives’ tale to stop kids from crossing Honour’s Bridge during night-time. 1,032 more words

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Flash Friday 09/01/2015: Surprise Inspection

Garkun the Destroyer did not rise to the top of the orcish chain of command by watching people idly walk into his camp. Therefore, when he saw the elven woman wearing glasses enter his tent of command and begin to brush at the armour of one of the guards, he could not simply stay seated on his throne. 971 more words

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Friday Flash: Home

Snow covered the tumulus. Scraggly, bare brown branches rose above it, providing meager shelter against the weather.

Not that she needed shelter anymore.

Drifts piled up against the edges and the steps were impossible to see. 219 more words


Egoistically so

First 150 words were written for Flash!Friday’s weekly prompt & flashversary, but I decided to continue the initial story since my piece didn’t make the cut back then. 823 more words

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Flash Friday 02/01/2015: A Cup Of Tea

Henry the goat was a very polite old fellow. Nestled in his home in a tree stump to the north of Wyrmtrunk Forest, he delighted himself in three things; his kettle, his teacups, and finally, his tea. 1,003 more words

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