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“Checkmate,” he said, moving his piece into place with a smile.

She blinked and stared. “What?! Again? You- you are impossible to beat! How are you so good at this?” 203 more words


Friday Flash - Words Unsaid

So I decided this week to update this site and the ShadowCast Audio podcast site, don’t ask me why, just felt the need. In doing so I realized it has been 3 years since this was published and I’ve never put it up. 755 more words


Flash Friday 29/08/2014: Ca-cough-any

The sound of a live classical concert played through the speakers of the stereo system. Everyone sat in their chairs, huddled around the speakers like a log fire in winter, waiting for the key moment. 581 more words

Flash Friday

Keeping Count

“Thirty-four,” he muttered to himself as he wrapped his scarf around his neck. “One more than John Wayne Gacy.”

He pulled his gloves on and clenched his fists. 296 more words



D. Paul Angel
881 Words

Grunting, Kristoff heaves the last stone into place. He knows full well how close he is cutting the time, but each of the five stones weigh at least 600 lbs and their wooden carriages are unwieldy at best. 850 more words


Flash Friday 22/08/2014: Una-mused

Una didn’t hate writing, per se. She just hated her environment.

She didn’t deserve what she had. Her writing spots alternated between on a laptop on her lap, and in a coffee shop by the window. 583 more words

Flash Friday

The Dorley Cycle XX


First segment

It’s only a siren’s song baby

 Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV

Prelude… 1,157 more words

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