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Chick lit mixed with a serial killer plot makes for edge of your seat reading.

This review is from: Next of Sin (Kindle Edition)

Chick lit mixed with a serial killer plot makes for edge of your seat reading. This book is a real page-turner, making the reader race through the book to find out what happens next and to find out if the characters survive or not and does the killer get captured.

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Right now I’m packing for my weekend trip to Virginia, (packing, tumblr, who can tell the difference, really…) but I wanted to post a quick #fridayreads. 366 more words


#FridayReads 25.07.2014

The Fall of Hyperion: I might actually be able to finish it this weekend. But I don’t really want to because I don’t want it to end. 50 more words


#FridayReads (το Σάββατο,oops!) 19/7/2014

Επιτέλους ξεκίνησα να διαβάζω 2 βιβλία που περίμενα πως και πως να αρχίσω,το ‘The Shining Girls’ από τη Lauren Beukes και την ‘Πόλη των Οστών’ (Τα Θανάσιμα Εργαλεία #1) από την Cassandra Clare.Θέλω να φτάσω τουλάχιστον στη μέση το ‘Συνέντευξη με έναν Βρυκόλακα’ (The Vampire Chronicles #1) της Anne Rice,που το είχα αφήσει για λίγο στην άκρη και το ‘Dreamlander’ της K.M. Weiland και ελπίζω να τελειώσω το ‘Ταξιδεύοντας: Αγγλία’ του Νίκου Καζαντζάκη.

Αυτά μόνο!Εσείς ποια βιβλία θα διαβάσετε αυτό το σαββατοκύριακο;


#FridayReads 18.07.14

I’m the image of joy and life, as usual.
Well, the #notBTathon isn’t going well and I pretty much abandoned it at this point. The past few days I had no inclination to even touch a book which is a bit obstructive for a readathon, wouldn’t you agree? 35 more words


Friday Reads for 7.18.14

I love following #FridayReads on Twitter and Facebook, so I figured I’d talk a little bit about what I’m reading this weekend.

My big goal for the weekend is to knock out a couple hundred pages in Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris. 179 more words

Reading Life

#FridayReads: I'll never eat the same way again

I recently read I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson, and at the end of it I was completely freaked out.

We’ve been paleo for quite some time and mostly refined-sugar free, and thoroughly enjoy it.  371 more words