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Long Live the Duke

One of the first topics I actually sought out to investigate so I could report back here on Nomsola was the closing of the Duke. As is often the case, it takes an establishment going out of business for people to take notice. 325 more words

The Trendy Burger [project # 270]

The Trendy Burger: Total Time 20 minutes: serves 4-6 depending on how many patties you make!

You’ve seen this burger on the menu of all the burger joints with posh menu plans; it goes by many names in many restaurants across the states. 331 more words


fast prep friday - oh makes breakfast!

I actually don’t usually make breakfast. That’s all OH. He loves making breakfast and makes this for himself all the time. I call it white trash bruscetta. 178 more words


Day 50, Dinner: Breakfast

A delicious dinner! Two fried eggs, two pieces of sourdough toast with margarine, and four pieces of bacon :-)

Okra "Dry Curry" with Spiced Egg

We’ve made the transition into summer vegetables; no more asparagus and peas, because now we’re all about squashes, corn, tomatoes, and other summer produce. Our okra seedlings are thriving in the garden, but they’re far from producing – so we’re taking advantage of pints of fresh-picked okra at our local farmer’s market. 373 more words

Quick Lunch: Egg, Smashed Avocado & Toast

Oh man. This was good. So good I ate it all and licked the plate before I could snap a photo. That is one of the major reasons I could never be a food blogger. 101 more words