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Thai in the Sky

Chicken fried rice mashed in with shrimp, sliced red onions, a Thai specialty soup and spicy fries.

Okinawa Japan

Beetroot Pulav/Fried beet rice

Beetroot Fried Rice

I don’t know if it is a cultural thing or a motherly thing that I always ask my children what they ate if they did not have home made lunch. 575 more words


Convos With Cleverbot: One Defection

This week on Conversations with Cleverbot: Cleverbot and the Nut find common ground.

The Nut: What’s your opinion on fried rice?

Cleverbot: Are you serious? 220 more words

Maximum Randomosity

Asian Skillet Quinoa with Tofu

Today, we will share with you an alternative fried rice recipe that will leave your taste buds satisfied sans the calories!

Taken from: Naturally Skinny: 100 Organic Recipes Under 350 Calories by Samantha Brown. 100 more words

When We Played Chef #MySingaporeBible

So we have established that food should be the focus of travel. The next best non-touristy thing to do in Singapore is go to a hawker centre to experience authentic local dishes – just strike up a friendly conversation with a “Taxi Uncle” to recommend you what to eat in a hawker centre. 423 more words


Kamata Shokudo: Ramen & Manga

Located in the Kamata area in Katashina village, on the left of my office, you will find ‘Kamta Shokudo’, the locals call it ‘Kama-shoku’. Here you can find great bowls of ramen or fried rice that have been served since 1952. 114 more words


Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)

Sinangag is the Filipino word for fried rice. Rice used is usually from previous day’s leftovers stir-fried and flavored with chopped sausage, egg, veggies such as carrots and peas, and some spices. 122 more words