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Fried Shiitake Mushrooms

And once again a recipe emerges from ingredients in the “use it or lose it” stage. This time it was shiitake mushrooms. As a general rule I’m not particularly fond of mushrooms, but I like shiitakes well enough. 273 more words

Theory Seminar: The Shape of Behaviour 1

Robert Morris’s essay ‘Notes on Sculpture pt.2′ looks at the relationships between the viewers and the objects on display in minimalist art.

With the monumental, we are impressed and overwhelmed, sucked into the scale of the sculpture. 693 more words


Theory Lecture 1: Formalism

Towards the middle of the 20th century Modernism was becoming the dominant movement in the Avant-Garde. One critic in particular believed it to be the destiny of Art to be brought to its ‘purist’ form through the guise of modernism. 808 more words


Latke Night In America (Support the Troops)

Chanukah is kind of like the county fair. BBQ beef, the opportunity to win prizes, and a celebration of freedom in the best way we know how- eating fried stuff. 218 more words


Fryin’ Up Deer Tenderloin

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol. I found that on Facebook and thought it was perfect for this article. Moving on…

Here in Virginia, it’s Hunting Season – has been for some time now. 656 more words

Radascious Recipes

Fried Chicken

Whenever I cook, I think about the recipes that inspire me, but I usually do plenty of improvising along the way. I used the recipe below to attempt to make fried chicken that is a little bit lighter (if that is possible) and not too greasy. 524 more words


Churros with a spicy chocolate sauce

Fried dough is delicious.

I rediscovered that simple fact when I made Baked Lawyer’s churros the other night. They were good – but the addition of a simple chocolate sauce took them from good to glorious. 408 more words