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Brothers (In Christ) With No Game....

 I interrupt this usual session (my Jesus’ pieces are usually far more Jesus centred) to bring you something quite real.As always this piece has come about as a result of several conversations with various people (mostly women) from Christian backgrounds.  

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Jesus Piece

5 Reasons You're Stuck In The Dreaded Friend Zone

Did you hear that sound? Did you feel that? Yes, that whipping wind, followed by the icy blast of you being trapped in the friend zone. 529 more words


I am Doug Funny.

There once was a guy named Doug Funny. Doug was a great guy. He had a winning personality, a heart spun out of pure gold, the best intentions, and was just a little shy. 1,194 more words


Friend Zone


How was the long weekend? :) How many of you watched the parade?

Anyhow! Someone recently wrote to me and asked me to give a girl’s perspective on the dreaded ‘friend zone’. 457 more words



embrace it / cherish it / be not afraid

/ a relationship has to start somewhere /
/ might as well be there /
/ tis a happy place / 66 more words


For someone in the past.

(Unpublished since 2014)

Seconds, minutes, hours…thoughts are coming and running on my head

And day by day, all i felt is mixed emotions of what life is bringing on me. 297 more words

Best Friends


What is friend-zoned anyway? The Friend Zone is a fundamentally sexist construct. This is solely based on the idea that women should be punished for putting their romantic feelings above that of an interested man. 551 more words

My Feelings On Certain Things