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How Do I Tell You I Am Just Not That Into You?

I mean, let me start off by saying that you’re great. And not in the same way that I think my dog or my UPS man is great…I mean in the most sincere way possible, you are an awesome person. 645 more words

Escaping the "Friend Zone"

Lets be real, I don’t think there is a woman in this universe who would settle for being just friends with the love of their life. 1,235 more words


I'm The Guy That Gets Friend Zoned, And I Have Some Thoughts I'd Like To Share

I just don’t understand what he has that I don’t. What makes him better? Why him and not me?

The first time I really liked a girl, as in actually feeling compatible enough with her to have a long-term relationship, I got friend-zoned, hard. 780 more words

The Friend Zone

Urban dictionary likes to define the Friend-zone as “the worst position someone can be in, if they have feelings for someone. When a person develops romantic feelings for someone, but the other person only sees the relationship as just being friends.” Most people would define it as the place where egos die. 494 more words


Break-Up The Friend Zone! All New TGP!!!

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It’s over, you can’t take it anymore. You just can’t deal with what you guys have anymore. 101 more words


Ask The Eye Double Parked In The Friend Zone

Dear Eye View

My husband has a close female friend—they met in college, became friends, dated briefly one summer, and then went back to being friends. 331 more words

Just Friends

Why is that a guy and a girl can’t be ‘just friends’ ? In a personal experience, its always the guy that falls first, that may be different for a lot of people. 109 more words