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Love Letters - 003 to 006

Recently, over the weekend, I found a small collection of letters that I wrote in the past years. Love letters I’ve written to various women … unrequited love; or … is this more lust? 1,424 more words

Love And Romance

Fighting the Friend Zone

My roommate has a friend, isn’t that how it always starts? He’s not great looking, but he’s not ugly either. Super nice guy, ticks a few boxes for me, enjoys sport, works out and has great sense of humour. 554 more words


No Friend Zone! They Knoooowww Better

Please excuse the emotional roller-coaster that I took you on with my last few posts. Better out than in I always say *in my best Shrek voice*. 408 more words


Kant and the "friend zone"

Hey all. Since my last post touched on Kant’s ethics, I figured I’d extend it with another video using Kant to deconstruct the friend zone, from the articulate, witty, and charming Olly at Philosophy Tube. 24 more words


A Letter From The Friend Zone

Right now, it’s still dark and cold, and about 4-something in the morning here in the Friend Zone where you left me. I didn’t even look back as you started to drive away into the starry morning horizon, my pride wouldn’t let me turn my head, and tears were impeding my vision anyway. 562 more words

Pretty sure i just got asked out

So, my brother comes down one morning after having been out the night before, and tells me that, a female, (thats gonna remain nameless) wanted to ask me something. 278 more words


Whoever's in the friend zone is not your friend

Gingerbread was a prick and i deeply regret talking to him now.

For the less than 30 minutes I’d known him, he’d been in two serious argues with complete strangers; plus he had dry lips and was standard ginger in the generally not that attractive way. 444 more words