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Friend Zone 101: Playing the Hand You Were Dealt

After countless conversations with my dearest guy friends, I realized that there was a serious misunderstanding of the friend zone. So here is my complete breakdown of the various zones, as according to me. 494 more words

Thoughts on the friend zone

It doesn’t exist.

Good, now we’ve cleared that up let me tell you some things before you start any incessant whining about how the friend zone does exist and girls don’t date “nice guys.” 405 more words


The Friend Zone, Part Two (revisited)

Not only have I been placed in the friend zone, I have also put men in the friend zone like a champ. Most of the time it’s unintentional, but every once in a while, I take it upon myself to make sure that a guy in my life knows, beyond a reason of a doubt, that I am not interested. 773 more words


Am I an unfriendly friend?

Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve felt that boys make way better friends than girls do. They’re easy to talk to and they don’t judge or question you. 440 more words

can I get your number

ok this is so stupid i don’t understand. if i’m nice to a guy then clearly i want to be more than friends.
news flash: no. 278 more words

Friend Zoned

Thinking back upon all the friends that I have had, regardless of their gender, I wonder how many times I have “friend zoned” someone or how many time I have been put into the “friend zone”. 328 more words


Friend Zone: Crossed Wires in Platonic Relationships

The friend zone phenomenon seems to be a common topic on social media nowadays. Most often, I see men complaining about being boxed into the category of friend by women who they would much rather be the lovers of. 903 more words

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