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How can I get this girl to notice me?

Original question:

Hi, I’m a freshman in high school, and I know this is probably a silly and immature question to be asking so I prefer to remain anonymous. 372 more words


The Two Most Common Types of "Nice Guys"

“I’m a Nice Guy!” claim many men. But, what does “Nice Guy” really mean? Does it mean “Finishing Last?”
Here’s the thing: Most of the genuinely nice guys that I have met are taken, or are single by choice. 1,015 more words

Social Awareness

"The Friend Zone"

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is where a person A is romantically interested in person B and that person does not feel the same way about person A. 509 more words

Friend Zone

Love knows no 'zone'.

We use the terms casually now, ‘friend zone, ‘family zone’, school zone’, as if we refer to objects with no emotions. We laugh behind people who lay their hearts bare for us to see the openness in their ‘falling for you’. 391 more words


Friend zone; How to Get out of that zone

Have You ever had the following words said to you.

  • I don’t like you but my best friend does
  • I don’t want to break your heart…
  • 448 more words

Guys: How to Get Out of the “Friend” Zone

The friend zone has become this dreadful place that most men try their hardest to avoid. Being placed in the friend zone is like being castrated and sent away to Rikers Island to never return again (too much?) 765 more words


Signs that he/she is into you

Regardless of how busy they are, they make time for you.

They lean in when you talk and, more importantly, they look like they are actually listening to what you say! 351 more words