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Looking For Misery

‎Thursday, ‎September ‎04, ‎2014

To the people of this time, do not mind
The path i have longed have been gone in delicate drive
Now i’m just a limbo in this pathless highway… 52 more words

A Sunny Message

365 Grateful, One Year – Day 281

So on the way to work I saw this.

Sunshine? I’d forgotten what that was with all this cloudy business that’s moved across our skies. 265 more words

365 Grateful



Yes, I remember. You ran into my tent, like a wild cat; begging me to go along with you; to plead with your father and your mother. 625 more words


art project [Leli] behind the scene

I love making new things. Especially an art things. So, i will call it as an art project. hahahaa.. that sounds great.Oke, my last art project was a photo album. 1,616 more words


Day 28

October 20, 2014

1. My friend is visiting from my former school. It is a bit tiring to be constantly around someone, but it is good to have company. 13 more words

Nice Things

Life Lesson (1)

A woman once hit a snake with her car, she pulled over, got out, picked it up and took the snake home. She fed the snake and got it back to a full state of health. 50 more words

Life Lessons


Have you guys ever known someone who is a constant blessing in your life? Well this is that guy in my life. He’s like a little brother to me and although he can be a little twerp he is one of the most positive and supportive friends I’ve ever had. 73 more words