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Ain't Nothin' But G-String Baby!

Truly girl talk on this post!!! I recently brought up a topic to my friends out of curiosity. Girls talk about EVERYTHING with our close friends, or sometimes whom ever will listen. 444 more words


My Friend

I listen to you

You listen to me

That is what has let us be

Friends for years

Friends for life

I am glad we’ve had little strife…

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My friend took a wrong turn in spain…- funny pics tumblr

My friend took a wrong turn in spain…
- funny pics tumblr

Serial Sunday - Dealt - Lonely No More

After my attempt to jump off the cliff, we went inside, she put me to bed, and not a word further was exchanged between us. I fell asleep fast as she went to make arrangements. 342 more words


Long Trip

Sheena “We will go on a long trip. It has to happen today”

Neetal “How is it possible? OK as you wish”

Sheena “let us go to a remote island where there is a beautiful house owned by elder sister” 126 more words