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Catch my Moon

I know my friend is up there watching over me. He knows my every move, he knows what i am doing, he knows where i go and what i do. 189 more words


The Trouble with Loving Lee

I met Lee through my cousin, Daniel when we were standing in a McDonalds of all places. He’d come up to us and started talking to Daniel about football or some other sport that I had no interest in and so I zoned out of their conversation. 3,472 more words


I lost a friend this week, she was funny. kind, generous and was often described as an Earth Angel but there was so much more to her than mere labels can convey, once again my love of words deserts me as I can find non that effectively express such mixed emotions at this time; she was far too young to have lost this battle. 33 more words


Day 8: A letter to your favourite internet friend

Hello my lovely cat people!

So I don’t actually have an internet friend… I know… So this is going to be somewhat of a short story. 360 more words


to the haters

With each passing day, things become abit easier to understand yet abit more difficult to accept.

It’s like I understand it now, but accepting it is so much harder. 334 more words


It’s been two months since my last post, looks like I am not very good at this. I promise more stories of my summer will come, but today I want to talk about something personal. 285 more words


A Message of Hope: That's What Friends are For

When you are touched by a psychopath, you cannot but be riddled by self-doubt.  Trusting again is a hard, hard road.  Finding friends who have been through the same kind of experience is a blessing.  191 more words