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You've Got A Friend In Me.

The blogging community is such a lovely one to be a part of. Comments are always positive, kind and uplifting, hate is non-existant, but sometimes I feel there is a connection missing. 116 more words

you can delete your post

you can delete your post, but you can’t delete the screenshot i sent to my best friend. sunday quote


Why it's never easy to be good

I never thought I’d put into real life situation use the lessons we had in Ethics last semester. When we were studying the course, I knew that it was for practical use. 677 more words

Reflections - Learnings And More

Lightning Facts

Lightning Facts


Lightning is pretty in the sky at night

It flitters and flashes from the heavens on high

A power from God only an atheist could deny… 113 more words


One Small Victory at a Time

During my 17 months living in Budapest, I have come to recognize and at times tire of the traditional Hungarian stare. Personally, I’m not a fan of the “Hey, how are you?” rhetorical question-cum-greeting often voiced in the United States. 426 more words


The Light of Love - Daniel Reid

Nothing can resist
the Light of Love
That always shines
from high above.

In the deepest depths
of the darkest heart
A glimmer remains
of the sacred spark.
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