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Would you?

‘if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend? 13 more words

Old Friend Revisited

I’m packing up my bags, I need to leave this godforsaken town
It reminds me of the memories when you were still around
Painful reruns of you and me when we were still happy… 94 more words


Three Simple Rules For Being A Good Friend

Since high school I’ve never really had a problem making and keeping ‘friends’. I’ve always had the bubbly, fun, personality (not to mention a face that never stops smiling) that seems to attract a variety of people… 598 more words



I write this essay because I couldn’t forget this family.

When I just arrived at Yingda’s house, Yingda and his parents or some unknown reason spotted me and came out to invite me him. 456 more words


Brain Bending Monday

The Christmas or holiday season is upon. I just applied to a new job and my brain needs some time before it can formulate a whole review. 65 more words

In the dark

 What's up with you today?
Why are you wearing that anguish again,
Why are you staying right there
Halfway leaning to that darkness 
Holding tight to that mask your wearing. 60 more words