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A dog is a man’s best friend. Google is a man’s best friend. I like to think of dogs and cats and whatpethaveyou as family instead.

Sometimes You Have To Scream and Then Laugh!

Life has felt like a smoking train lately.  And to be honest, I secretly think I like it that way.    However, the last few weeks had me feeling like I reached my capacity.  512 more words

Janis Joplin – Summertime

For dear friends,
eternal summer times,
endless beaches,
sweet cocktails
and times
when living is easy.


A Successful Experiment


Of all those I have met anew and again,

You are the treasure of this summer.

There may be others who know me better. 169 more words


Letter: We must separate friend from foe

Re: Two sides to conflict raging in Ukraine, Aug. 16.

I support what former ambassador James Bissett wrote in his letter. And, very importantly too, I truly believe that Canada’s main media must disengage themselves from the entities which influence and thus dictate what is written in our newspapers. 103 more words


Fun D

Fun D is the name of group of like minded individuals who believe to cheer up families or friends who get into conflict.

Any family who has a conflict need to share just the names of individual with whom they have conflict and also reasons for the same. 792 more words

"How to get back with your EX"

I just had a talk with an old friend. He calls me up suddenly (we rarely talk) and started sharing his love problem with me. The reason was simple, he thought that I have not gotten over my ex. 344 more words