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The point of no return; RANT.

I’m sure at some point, everyone hits that time in their lives that they don’t and will not deal with anybodies BS. (BullSh*t.) Most people hit that point when they’re older and much more mature. 385 more words

We all Remain the Same

We are all formless in our shape.

We object to our objection.

We find chaos in our peace,

Loudness in our solitude,

Madness in our brilliance. 40 more words


it begins with a voice

In the small space between the front grille of a blackberry Scion xb and the wall of a parking garage huddles a mass of rags and matted brown hair that only slightly resembles a young woman. 415 more words


When you deactivate your fb account

Have you ever deactivated your facebook account? If so, what were your findings? Were you the last one to find out that Johny was engaged to Tris? 308 more words


I’ve recently (and when I say recently, I mean a few minutes ago) come to the conclusion that I don’t have best friends anymore. In high school, I had 4: Karly, Hayley, Shanna, and Savanna. 422 more words

I Cried Today...

I cried realizing just how lost and confused I am between science and religion, and not feeling a place of belonging because my thought processes, beliefs, and feelings are just so different from atheism and seventh-day adventism. 280 more words


Let's get physical[ly damaged]!

Me getting excited. After this photo was taken, I fell down a well.

I used to get really excited about things, and anytime I get excited about things, I tend to make a huge physical-comedy production that generally results in bodily injury . 142 more words