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 I often sit at home and wonder why I have no friends, but then I think there’s probably a good reason for that. 


Birthday mouse surprise

Well I’m 20 now. The time has come where I no longer have to say “teen” after a number anyone.
I’m old.
Regardless, here’s a recap of the shitty events of today. 501 more words

...because it's easier to not have friends.

A few years ago, God sent me on a path that has given me my best friend in motherhood. This friend is the most gracious, most selfless, most caring, and loyal human being I’ve ever met in person. 608 more words

Let's Get Honest

Ocean acidification could be creating friendless fish

Fish seem like chummy enough creatures, often schooling with fish they’re familiar with to avoid predators and increase the chances of finding a mate. But as carbon dioxide levels rise worldwide, they could  437 more words

Climate & Energy

Self Worth

I may be mistaken but from this title I would think that “self worth” would be determined by the “self”.  However I know that, that is wrong. 622 more words

Summer sucks .

Summer makes you realize that people are only your friends because you see them everyday . 

What kind of friends are you ?

I’m still so angry about what happened, It’s been almost a week and I still can’t bring myself to talk to you. What kind of people are you to do that to someone who is supposedly your friend. 546 more words