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I am a ghost above this Earth demanding to be felt but people keep on insisting I do not exist.

Sometimes I just like to stand in a corner and gaze upon the enthusiastic crowd. 646 more words


The antisocial within me thrives

Now that I realize my birthday is coming up, i realize that I dont have as much friends As i thought I have. I can say i have many acquaintances, but only a few close friends. 301 more words

Making friends is hard - getting rid of them is harder

I’ve always been an introvert (woohoo) and from a very young age I accepted the fact that it would be difficult for me to make friends. 744 more words

Day To Day

Goodbye Men

I’m officially done with men.They bring nothing but heartache and tears. I’m done giving my all to people that have nothing to give in return. So I’m done until someone comes along and prove me wrong.


I Have No Friends

Less friends mean less dealing with their bullshit, but it also means less of the good parts of having friends. Until recently, I was pleased with high school changing and stripping away the friends that didn’t really fit with me anymore. 190 more words

High School

[No new notifications]

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the entire word is ignoring you?

You send out multiple texts and NONE of them are replied to. 15 more words

On the Social Phenomenon of Dislike

I had a friend once who believed no one liked him, and that’s because no one ever did. Nobody liked him, and this depressed him constantly. 568 more words

Personal Reflections