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So these are a “few” of my friends of Movellas. Most of them, I am very close with and know a lot about, some I just often talk to. 155 more words


i love staycation!

Although an overseas trip is always better, but when you are on a budget, a free staycation is the next best thing. Yes, we stayed at a two-bedroom serviced apartment over the weekend and it was FREE! 343 more words


An Open Letter to my Ex-friend group

Dear old friends,

It’s interesting to see that you are all still hanging out together. I thought that after high school we would all fall apart, but it was just me who left. 686 more words


Dealing With Adversity

Today we had a terrific time visiting with new friends Nickie and Mary Louise (not their real names). I call them new friends because before today they were more like “friendly people we know.” I can say that, because it’s really true, but Diane has more of a long-term connection with them. 488 more words


A post wedding post

I sit here, on an overcast Sunday morning, working my way through the second cup of the day (the first was inhaled, and serves as a quick pep-up more than anything, it’s subsequent ones that hit the sides) a plate of egg and bacon, and a slightly sore head. 316 more words


Gethsemane Song

I actually hadn’t heard this song before. It a sweet simple song, but I feel very important and being sung by a little one, gives extra tenderness, as I feel Christ has.


Already Crazy

Moving out can be hard. I am moving out with my friends Melissa and Alice. I met Alice through University and we generally get a long pretty well. 515 more words