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Guimaras 2014

I’m the last person who wants to travel at night. On an island! Where I don’t know anyone. Where I don’t where exactly I’m going. But my trip to Guimaras is an exemption. 502 more words


Linus Van Pelt

I recently went to D.C. with my bestie Chris to visit our bestie Josh. This was our 6th trip to D.C. since Josh moved there 4 years ago. 565 more words


Can girls and guys be 'just' friends?


I know, I know. That’s not you want to hear. But consider this.

I have two dudes who I’ve been close to…well, it feels like forever. 480 more words


Cheesy Halloween Jokes!

Why couldn’t the witch have a baby? Because her husband had a Halloweenie!

(Hang on, I have another one but I can’t stop laughing.)

Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road? 22 more words

Summer Brave Strike Notes

Summer Brave at the McClintock Theatre

What does it mean when you have no incentive to write? Are you muse-less? A-mused? I don’t know if I am just too tuckered out to be creative, or we have reached that point in the semester where tech upon tech upon opening upon strike has set in, but the creative juices aren’t juicing right now. 834 more words


Going Above and Beyond---#North Iowa Bloggers Are Making a Difference

I love how things come together unexpectedly sometimes.  I love how I can still find so much good in the world amidst the sadness and tragedy.   405 more words


Angel's Halloween Visit!

As it’s half term – and almost Halloween!! Angel came to visit me yesterday, everyone was excited to see her and hear all about her interview with radio wave before the awards night next week! 58 more words