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Friends In Texas

We survived our first trip with our newborn daughter and boy was it a great trip! We went to Texas to see my parents, relatives and many friends who met Luna for the very first time. 500 more words


The Blood Moon

I watched last night’s much hyped “Blood Moon” in two phases. I don’t understand the science behind the Blood Moon or why they even called it that – it was more like the “Rust That Grows On Your Bicycle If You Leave It In The Garage Too Long Moon.” Despite not particularly understanding how or why the Blood Moon exists, the entire internet said that it was something that happened rarely. 1,742 more words

San Diego

To go or not to go that is the question... How to make life changing decisions.

Impromptu road trips, last minute flights to exotic destinations, spontaneous ventures into the unknown… these are familiar experiences for many young people with a free spirit and a yearning for adventure and exploration. 574 more words


So Many Complaints...Now I Have to say THANKS

So at the moment…I’m always sick, i’m always tired and as such I am ALWAYS complaining.  I’m not usually the type to lay around moaning but the pain is driving me insane and then obviously my immune system drops and I catch a stomach bug.   449 more words

Definitely Not

This is one of my biggest secrets EVER. And what it is will probably shock most, if not all, of you…

I like baby penguins. 623 more words


Third-Rate Romance

This post is written in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:

One idle day sometime ago, my best friend at the time (a guy) and I decided it would be a great idea to drive over to my place for a little “fun-time”. 320 more words