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When self doubt creeps in..

When self-doubt creeps in, I turn, retreat, and take a of couple steps backward to try and regain my balance. I am thankful to those friends who remind me of the journey I have begun, and that I have so much more to offer the world than “that”….the safe, known-entity from where I’ve come. 69 more words


Null & Void

I give you my pain

you who I do not know.

Those who I pretend to know

or who pretend to know me,

I give them nothing– 89 more words


Hold your judgement.

“A cruise ship met with an incident at sea, on the ship was a pair of couple, after having made their way to the lifeboat, they realized that there was only space for one person left. 371 more words


Day 157 - Cards against Humanity

So, I had seen quite a lot about this game on Tumblr. I didn’t have any idea of how to play it or what the purpose of it was, other than taking pics of the most uncomfortable pairings. 148 more words


The day draws to a close

The day draws to a close,
yet another day

The day draws to a close,
yet another day
without you.

The day draws to a close, 92 more words


First afternoon with my house sitting friends

As you all know my Mum and I did house sitting for 3 weeks.

Here I am in my new kitchen.

The first afternoon Millie and I had a play which just did not end. 88 more words


Penny's Broiled Swordfish and Cilantro Pesto

I was a very naïve eater before I moved to New York. (Actually, I was just naïve but that’s a different matter…and I still can be.) As I’ve said before, my mother with whom I spent most of my upbringing, just wasn’t a cook. 875 more words