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How things change

For my oldest son, who is now student-teaching.

Friends And Family

The Weirdest Day in the World

Today is the weirdest day in the world.

Today, my parents celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. Today, they are going to Auckland, way up in the North Island, for a night. 133 more words

Friends And Family

A Memoir, a Lunch Club and a Clapped-out Mower

It’s been an eventful first day back here: first, Mark and I were catching up with each other and then with some household chores.  I mentioned the lawn (incidentally I can never say the word ‘lawn’ without hearing Tom Conti’s drunken voice in my ear saying ‘then you have to give us the lawn ornaments’ – anyone who knows where that comes from please comment below) and how the grass was growing high, perhaps not as high as an elephant’s eye but certainly as high as a sparrow’s throat.   355 more words

Friends And Family

Horticultural Therapy

We’ve all heard of the magazine Better Homes and Gardens. We tend to see a copy of the magazine or a gardening magazine of some sort in the waiting room of our doctor’s office or at the grocery store in the checkout lane. 854 more words

Home Of New Vision

One Month

In true new-mama style, I wrote most of this post on the appropriate day, and then got interrupted by a hungry baby.  So this post is actually posted the day after the fact, but the sentiment remains the same! 525 more words

Friends And Family

Two Birthdays

One of the perks of being Jewish is that you have two birthdays. The calendar we are most familiar, actually called the Gregorian calendar, is a solar-based calendar and divides each year up into the familiar 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12  months. 1,038 more words

Daily Ramblings

Buried in Barrow

I have just come back from a well-deserved break in sunny Barrow-on-Soar, staying at Jan’s flat.  Barrow is actually an interesting village in many ways: first, it’s alive and not dead like some villages; people actually live there as opposed to being commuters who are only really around at weekends; secondly it has a number of interesting buildings including the so-called ‘Roundhouse’ – actually an octagonal building – which used to be a lock-up, the inevitable workhouse, and a building called Bishop’s House which seems to have been constructed out of anything the builders could lay their hands on; it’s an incredible mish-mash of tiles, stone and timber all covered over with a layer of local clay.   449 more words

Friends And Family