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Pig-farmer strikes again!!

While having a delightful picnic lunch over-looking Lake Shelbyville today, I told my friends the story I am about to tell you.  They both encouraged me to record it for prosperity on the blog.   266 more words

Pig Farmer

A Tale Of The Tails

The local high school prom was two months ago.

Our son Josh had long wanted to wear a pair of tails for this momentous event, but it was not to be. 577 more words

Friends And Family

Question for Grandma: "Is this your first Grandbaby?"

We just got back from an amazing trip to Alaska with my parents.  Alaska is beautiful!  God really knew what he was doing when we created this world! 1,041 more words

Stillbirth Blog

Introducing On People Watch!

People watching is one of my favourite pastimes. Guessing careers of commuters on the train, trying to work out relationships within groups of people, wondering why that guy would get such an awful tattoo, or why that couple aren’t talking to one another. 436 more words

Commitment Phobia

Fog On M25: Country Cut Off

I was thinking this morning about that famous Victorian news headline: ‘Fog in Channel: Continent Cut off’, and it occurred to me that whereas as a race we are not nearly so solipsistic or Anglo-centred as they were; Londoners still seem to remain utterly London-centric.   328 more words

Friends And Family

High Days and Roman Holidays

Hello All

Being born on 24 July in the 57th year of the last century means that I have just turned 57 myself. A pleasing symmetry. 430 more words

Friends And Family

Things (You) Made

Things ^ Made

rocking chair
collection of coins, rocks, bikes
memories… 14 more words

Friends And Family