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You never know when someone might need a kind word (or a friend)

My boss came into the office today letting me know she was running out for an hour or so this afternoon to see a friend.  They were going to get a manicure. 374 more words

Did you sense it? Did you hear it? Most importantly are you still experiencing the exhilaration of it?

The conception and facilitation of a simple yet powerful mission; the sounds of the enthusiasm and beautiful commotion of those who were engaging in the giving; the shock & disbelief, gasps, outpouring of fervent appreciation from the recipients; the warmth from the energy, compassion, and love that was unconditionally offered, culminated last Thursday at 6pm but I can attest to the fact that it is still undulating throughout our community and I hope those ripples and that same eagerness to reach our hands to our neighbors in need will reach far into 2015. 2,029 more words

Medical Procedure

Nope, not mine!  :-)

My roommate, J, is having a medical procedure done today.  Early.  While not life-threatening or surgery, she has need of someone to accompany her.  64 more words

Good Wishes