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The deer wants to be in the water

I have a friend. An honest bastard who always throws the truth at me, no matter what the situation is. Actually, I have two of this type – a female and  a male. 650 more words

Deer Wants To Be In Water


Accountant living in the midwest with my husband, furbabies and son.

My family came to America when I was about six years old. I was immediately put into day care so my parents could work two jobs each to make a life for their family in the new county. 752 more words

Sex Stories

The Cost of Love... Or Something Like it (Luke's POV) Excerpt

Title: The Cost of Love… Or Something Like it

Rated: R

Summary:  Two friends face complications when their relationship starts to grow into something else. 2,746 more words


The Birthday Boy - May 2014

I should have known that you liked me first. Maybe I would have been smarter and have spared myself from all sorts of heartaches. But then again, I’m not the type to regret anything or to want to change any bit of the past. 1,364 more words

Friends With Benefits


Let me count the ways
You’ve let me down

How u said we were friends
And after we touched
You hit the ground

And when u hear from me… 86 more words


How I get over it & RelaFriendships

I cry, rant and harass all my friends…after all of that

I work. I pick up shifts. It keeps me busy and like they say, your money will never wake up in the morning and say they don’t love you anymore! 252 more words


Tinder Update: Sam is back!

For those of you that have been keeping up with my blog, you probably remember the three part series I did on my Tinder experiences last month. 1,662 more words