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6 Things I Learned From An Awful ‘Friends With Benefits’ Situation

1. You need to know where you both stand before getting physical

Part of what ruined the experience for me was that I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to do and not allowed to do — outside of the bedroom. 1,181 more words

Use My Mouth And Ignore Me

Being involved in a monogamous relationship with a man is difficult at times. Although I’ve never had a real relationship with women, I’ve had a few long term physical ones. 401 more words


There’s nothing I hate more than laundry, I thought to myself one hot sunny Saturday afternoon as I spread the last T-shirt on the laundry line in the backyard. 1,011 more words

About Us

Being Patient

So things calmed down with the boy again and we actually had a real conversation.  Maybe if I am just patient with him he will come visit.   131 more words


Memorial Day Hangover

Well, here it is, here is the post about the guy that ruined any chance I had of believing true love does exist and that sex is just an act between two people that are horny. 747 more words

Coffee And Tequila

Take a chill pill, dude.

Personally, I LOVE when somebody, ANYBODY tells me what they REALLY think of my physique. H is the most reliable one to date because he does not mince words when it comes to my appearance. 791 more words


Repeat Romance? Don't Mind if I Do.

Sometimes dating brings you déjà vu moments. Like when a ghost of dating’s past shows up in your life at an opportune time, and you throw ALL caution/skepticism to the wind because… why the hell not? 480 more words

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