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Dropping the Bomb

The “L word” has been thrown around between all of us lately, we know it’s there. We all feel it. How exactly we are defining it at this moment, not sure. 224 more words

Open Marriage

My Aussie Friend Visits

I had been anticipating her visit for months.  My friend from Australia was coming to visit.  She was doing (actually, she’s still here) a tour and visiting family.   2,044 more words


So? What are we?

That is big question I ask myself every single time I am with the Panda.

We have been seeing each other for the past 3 weeks and have been on casual dates. 425 more words

Bisexual Love


The sun is shining through the blinds and with a yawn you sit up. Your significant other (SO) has already left for morning classes and now it’s time for you to do the same. 404 more words

Life & Love

On the four words it's really hard to hear...

The Internet is filled with thousands and thousands of posts about casual sex, friends with benefits, fuck buddies, sex friends – whatever you want to call them. 408 more words


Ranting and Raving: Boys, Boys, Boys

I know. A positive start. But I have a psa, of sorts, for boys. And yes I do mean boys, no matter your age, if you act like this, you are a boy. 831 more words


Sorry, this is another one on love.

These days I’ve been constantly wondering if I’ll find “the one”. In this world of six billion, almost seven now, where is this one? Did our shoulders just brush? 523 more words