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What happened to THE GUY?

What ever happened to The Guy?
Well we met in May. He was everything that was on my list that I wrote about on July 10, 2014… 516 more words


To the guy who keeps testing my definition of friends with benefits

Hey you. (Please read that in the most endearing sound possible)

So…¬†You went away a month ago. At that time, you were only around for less than 2 weeks. 1,323 more words

Friends With Benefits


Guys, this one is for you. As much as I care about the woman folk, I also care about you. There are many good guys out there who do not deserve what they get from some ladies. 702 more words

Singles Class

Which are we?

How many types of love do you think there are?

Five.  Familial, platonic, passion, romantic, and lust.

Which are we?

Not romantic.

Why not?

We’re too similar to date. 76 more words


Wait--what? I'm not supposed to be an American slut? I'm so confused.

Song – ‘Last of the American Girls’ by Green Day

So while over birthday cake in the kitchen at work today, I discovered a few things about…hmm, what shall I call him…Mr. 316 more words


Wake Up Call

There’s nothing better than being woken up during the middle of the night for sex, except when you are too drunk to get out of your bed to open the door. 1,077 more words

5 best films about friends dating

We are so often told from he silver screen, that girls and guys cannot be best friends because sex gets in the way.

Cue a rom-com about just that. 833 more words