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I wouldn't let you break my heart

What are we?

Are we epitomising what everyone is calling the “modern, commitment-phobic” relationship? We have everything in the physical aspect – our sex life puts newlyweds to shame, we cuddle after, and seal each goodbye with a hug that lingers a touch longer than it should. 455 more words


New and improved.

Today I fasted. It was great! Hopefully I see results tomorrow on the scale. I started talking with a bunch of awesome girls (Some of which are reading this, you guys are great) We are supporting each other on our diets. 440 more words

When sex becomes a loaded gun (Nov, 2011)

Picture this. Three healthy, reasonably attractive but otherwise very different people sitting at a pub having a beer, or two. Two are male and one is female. 810 more words

10 Tips for Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits are becoming more and more socially acceptable these days (maybe a special thanks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis?) and there are a plethora of reasons you may want to enlist a FWB (AKA a f*** buddy). 701 more words


It Takes Three To Tangle, And Just Two To Tango (Part 3)

My first and only threesome experience was not something that I could have ever imagined happening the way it did. It was totally unexpected. Even when I think about it I find it incredulous that it even happened at all. 1,453 more words


No, I don't want you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't want me

The idea of upholding a friends-with-benefits relationship is often deemed impossible. Many believe that at some point, at least one party is doomed to become emotionally involved. 810 more words

The Formula

It Takes Three To Tangle, And Just Two To Tango (Part 2)

In my last post I started to write about a season in my life I described as the most reckless and hedonistic of my life. It was also the truest I had been to myself until that point. 973 more words