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Friends with Benefits vs Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Everything In Between

I opened up my Facebook tonight and saw a childhood friend had changed his relationship status from In a Relationship to Engaged.   ((Sigh)).  I have been single the entire time he has married, divorced, in a relationship to engaged.  583 more words


Friends with benefits...

This was never going to be me. I was never going to be in this position. I am a Christian woman. I have values and morals. 1,342 more words

That man is all I wanted......

She said yes. She said yes to me. Anthony came called me late at night just to tell me that. It wasn’t a strange thing knowing that we are the best of friends. 1,028 more words

FYI: Friends With Benefits Is Totally The Worst Idea...Ever

One of the most difficult relationships of my life was a friends with benefits situation. For all the awesomeness it brought to my life, the pain and sorrow it caused, continued to outweigh the good stuff every time. 597 more words

Ignoring to Not Fall

It has been awhile since I have spoken to my friend. Our friendship is based on sex. He contacts me when he wants to have sex and I am happy to oblige. 284 more words


Disposable Income: Do Gay Men Have More Money?

Do gay men really have more disposable income? Is it truth, a myth, or can you really be broke and decked out in Burberry? Will Keyshia Cole be selling fried fish sandwiches during her tour with K. 212 more words


The Day I Officially Become His Sub

It all started with the excitement over the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Although I disliked the book, I do enjoy the subject matter. I’ve always been fascinated by and dabbled a teensy eensy bit in light BDSM. 233 more words