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Sex, Love, And No Relationships: Boyfriends With Benefits

Jaclyn Imondi
Copy Editor/Contributing Writer

So, I have this friend, and she has a boyfriend now. This doesn’t seem like significant news, but it is because she has done the impossible: she has turned her Friend with Benefits into her boyfriend. 494 more words

Springfield College

8 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex With Your Best Friend

1. There’s no performance pressure.

Porn and Hollywood have led us to view sex as a performance. The truth is, sex is not an exam or a competition. 359 more words

Claudia says...

Not so much a fan of not feeling like I’m winning the online dating game.  In fact it feels reaaaaaly bad.

Claudia:  “I kinda told myself to just move on. 72 more words

Online Dating

Friends with Benefits is a Real Fuckin’ Shitty Ass Deal

You like that title? Yeah, I know big girl words. I have been in exactly one friends with benefits arrangement and to be perfectly honest, I find it to be a real big fucking joke. 877 more words


You Know, My Friends-With-Benefits Situation Isn't Going To Turn Out Like The Movies, And I'm Okay With It

I am in a transition phase. One where I’m not single, but I’m not in a relationship either.

This means that I do not want a boyfriend, or someone exclusive, or a relationship for a long, long time. 749 more words


This post is all about the famous friends with benefits. Am sure all adventurous youths have had a go at this, I know I have. 408 more words

Friends With Benefits

Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

Kev pulled into the parking lot and held his breath as he hunted a decent parking spot. The best ones were right at the end of the building where the back doors were, or on the edge, in the shade of the trees that dotted the campus.

161 more words